The Text that Started it All

May of last year I received a text from my dad wondering if I might be interested in running a half marathon in Disney World in January 2013.  I AM NOT A RUNNER.  This point should be emphasized and remembered before reading every blog post.  I am starting to enjoy running a little more, however I probably will never be  a hardcore runner.    I saw the words Disney World in the text and immediately responded sure!  I knew that it was unlikely we would end up doing this but remained hopeful.  I went to my room and looked up how long a half marathon was.  13.1 miles! I was in shock for a few moments and then just laughed for a while.  I had never run one mile in my entire life.  I had walked a mile or two before, especially while in Disney, but running a mile was not on my experience card.   This was going to be interesting.  Before I knew it, my dad, my aunt, my uncle, and I were all signed up to run the half marathon and my sister, my dad and two cousins decided to run the 5k the day before.  Fast forward to the end of the summer and that is where I am now.  My dad and I have been running a lot more than we ever used to and we can now run 2 miles straight without huffing and puffing at all.  I hope to make this blog an interesting read, but for now, it is time to get outside and RUN!

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