What to Wear

My motivational dilemmas which have happened throughout this training when motivation to run was limited were fixed by altering clothing, mindset, music and hairdos.  With this in mind, I am starting to have a small argument in my head between my logical, structured part of the brain and my creative, fun part of the brain.  The logical part is telling me that I should dress warm, follow the instructions other bloggers have wrote about wearing layers to donate along the route, and not buy anything new when the race already costs enough.  Contrary to this, my fun part of the brain is telling me to try to dress in costume and/or buy a whole new outfit for the race.  Based on pictures of the race, dressing up as a character is a lot more popular than I would have expected it to be.  I know that during the race I will definitely want to stay warm, so my peace love mickey beanie cap is already in a mini packing pile (by mini I mean just this cap).  I need to combine my fun and logical parts of the brain somehow to be both warm and fun.  But do I bring UnderArmour clothing to sweat through?  Bring old clothes to donate?  A mix?  Or go totally crazy and figure out how to dress like my favorite character, Pooh?  Well I already went crazy by signing up for the half marathon.  However this problem needs to be resolved in the near future because if I decide to dress as Winnie the Pooh, I am really going to need to be creative with my attire.  Weather will also prove to be a challenging factor as January gets closer.  I live in a part of the USA where it can snow during the winter and so I might be running in cold temperatures.  Supposedly a few years ago, it snowed during the Marathon Weekend in Disney.  Granted this is an unusual circumstance, but if it were to happen again, I would need to be prepared.  No matter the predicted temperature, I will have to bring clothes for cold and warm weather, which is where a type of costume could be problematic if there was not a cold weather and warm weather option.  By costume, I do not mean a Halloween bought costume.  I am talking about a collected group of items, maybe even handmade to make me look like Pooh.  Ah the internal conflicts going on in my head right now.

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