Seven Disney Trip Traditions

Every Disney trip I go on, I repeat some of the same things. These traditions were not started to be a tradition necessarily but have occurred overtime. Do you have traditions when going to Walt Disney World? Here are my top seven traditions:

1. My dad video tapes all of our trips which has been great. Now I can watch the trips when I was a toddler and experience the moments I don’t remember. As we take the tram in Orlando international airport my dad always says on camera that in a week we will be back here going home and the trip will go by fast. The trip always goes faster than I can believe and we are once again riding the tram.

2. Another tradition is going into the Conch Flats store at Old Key West while my dad checks us in. It is vital to look at the new merchandise and when my sister and I were kids my aunt and grandma would buy us our autograph books and pens at this time.  Now, my sister and I just buy food for the week and maybe postcards to send.

3. My grandma is a huge chocolate and ice cream lover.  The Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream pop, however messy on a hot summer day, is a traditional snack. I’m alarmed by how many people have not had one before but have visited WDW. I’m also alarmed by the calorie count but I easily walk it off in Disney.

4.  It has become a tradition for me to ride Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as the nighttime fireworks take off in Magic Kingdom. I never plan riding either mountain as the fireworks start but the lines always work out that way.  Those rides have the best viewing area for fireworks and make it more magical.

5. We tend to go to Animal Kingdom in the morning and another park in the afternoon. We have developed an order to the rides we go on and how to get from point A to point B in order to maximize our time.  It is great when you are one of the first riders on Expedition Everest because you know a secret way to get there…

6. In our Old Key West room we always watch Stacey’s top ten countdown of things to do. We rarely watch any other channel while in the room.  But, we are also not in the room too often besides in the morning for breakfast because we would rather be at the parks.  We have memorized the list but it is still entertaining to watch. I had aspirations as a child of writing to the Disney company and telling them they needed a kids version of the countdown.  I also would let them know that I would be perfect for the role. I am now a young adult and too old but maybe one day I will write that letter.

7.  When I leave Magic Kingdom for the last time each trip I look at the park for a few seconds and make the image concrete in my mind. I go through the turnstiles and don’t look back because I have the last image that I wanted of the park in my head.

 I’m sure there are more traditions but I can’t remember all of them right now


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