Top 10 Walt Disney World Tips

  1. Take advantage of Disney’s FASTPASS.  Unlike Universal, Disney’s FASTPASS system is free and offered on most rides that have long lines.  All you have to do is go up to a FASTPASS+ kiosk with your park ticket and book fast passes for the day or do it ahead of time online.  
  2. Watch the fireworks.  Magic Kingdom and Epcot both have fireworks shows and they are spectacular!  The times will be listed in the time sheets you pick up with a map when you enter the park. 
  3. Always choose the left line.  This sounds like a random tip, but it is in every Disney guide book and is actually true.  Most people choose the right line because they are right handed but if you choose the left line, it is usually faster for rides and waiting for food.
  4. Eat a Mickey Pop.  A Mickey Pop is an ice cream pop with vanilla ice cream and chocolate coating shaped as Mickey.  It is a classic Disney dessert and is available at ice cream stands around each of the four parks.
  5. Go up to a cast member and ask them where guest relations is.  If it is your first time, tell them it is your first time going because they will be able to give you a pin that says “It’s my First Trip to Walt Disney World.” If you are celebrating an anniversary or graduation, do the same because they have pins for whatever occasion you might be celebrating.
  6. Wear comfortable clothing and bring water.  I know you probably know this but it is so important.  In case you were wondering, the walk from Future World in Epcot around all the countries and back to Future World is more than a mile!  Bring a poncho too or purchase one in Disney.  Florida weather is unpredictable.  It will literally start down pouring out of nowhere for five minutes and then return to being sunny. 
  7. Get your picture taken with Mickey.  When you go to Disney, you have to see Mickey!  “It all started with a mouse.”-Walt Disney
  8. Download the iPhone app for Disney World.  Other apps not by the Disney Company are very helpful as well and you can even download one to track which rides you go on. 
  9. Experience all that Disney has to offer.  Just relax and take in the sights, smells, and sounds of the parks.   I sometimes am in too much of a rush to get on a ride that I forget to look at all of the details and appreciate every little bit of the parks.
  10. HAVE FUN!


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