Tower of Terror 10-Miler Thoughts

With one week and one day left until the Tower of Terror 10 Miler Race, I thought I would write out my thoughts after reading, listening, and hearing about the race from past participants and runners this year.  I will be at Walt Disney World next Friday through Sunday which is way too short of a Disney trip.  Originally I was very worried about completing my homework and working on college applications since senior fall is very important.  However, I have an extra day off today and will eventually get around to doing homework instead of writing blog posts.  🙂  I ran the half marathon last year with my aunt, uncle, and dad and I am psyched for my second runDisney race!

This race will be my third official race, even though only my second Disney one.  I ran in a local 5 miler before the half and am hoping to train for the Scranton Half Marathon this upcoming April.  My schedule for my three day weekend in Disney is as follows: Friday-fly down to Disney, go to the Expo at ESPN WWOS to pick up my packet and look at all of the different merchandise, go to Magic Kingdom at night for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (since we have never done this before, we decided we would try it this year).  Saturday-wake up and head to a park and I am not sure which one quite yet and then run the race at night.  Sunday-head to Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival since the last time I was in Disney around the festival, I was too young to remember, and then fly out at night.

Back to the race.  I am mostly excited for the race but there are a few things I am worried about.  The race is late at night compared to being early in the morning.  I had first thought this was a good thing because I would not have to wake up at 2:30 like I did for the half, but now I am wondering how my body will do with having to run at 11pm when I am usually fast asleep.  I am also concerned about the humidity, heat, and possibility of thunderstorms.  These are all out of my control but as long as I stay hydrated like last race, I should be fine with the heat.  My legs and specifically my calf muscles have felt less than amazing on my past few runs over little hills.  I am at the same place mileage as I was last year for the half which is good since I finished that race.  I am a little worried about the darkness especially in the porta potties since many people say it is helpful to bring a light.  But my two biggest concerns are about how to eat the day of the race and how to feel well enough after running 10 miles to go on rides.  I needed a shower and food right after the half but if I want to go on the Tower of Terror I can’t eat too much!  The after party is going to be really fun, but exhausting!

I feel less nervous about logistics since I sort of know how Disney handles things.  I can’t wait to see the route as a I run, all of the cast members and volunteers cheering, and the funny signs people make.  I can’t wait to be in Hollywood Studios until 4am.  I love completing the race with fellow Disney lovers and my family.  My sister and my dad are also running this race.  I will be so sad when it is over since my next Disney trip is not planned yet.  I can’t wait to get my medal though and wear it around Epcot on Sunday!


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4 responses to “Tower of Terror 10-Miler Thoughts

  1. Dark porta potties were definitely something I noticed running the Disney World Marathon. But it really wasn’t that bad. I just took note as to where the toilet paper was before closing the door 🙂

  2. Okay good! Thanks for the tip! Will you be running any Disney races this year? I hope to run a full Disney marathon one day!

  3. I’m looking into running one of the 2014 races. Possibly the Disneyland half, Tower of Terror 10 miler, or the Wine & Dine half. If only I could win the lottery. Then I’d run them all 🙂

  4. Yes, I would love to win the lottery too and run each of the races every year! 🙂

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