Tower of Terror Weekend Friday Part 2

     I was worried that the ride to the expo would be long because the expo for the half marathon had traffic backed up for a while.  However, we drove right into ESPN WWOS and did not have to park too far away from the main area.  A quick thing to add-it was very nice that our room at Saratoga was ready ahead of time.  Thank you Saratoga Springs!  We walked up into WWOS and saw that there was a huge line leading into the expo because it had not yet opened for the day.

ImageWe took a picture in front of the Tower of Terror race sign to remember the weekend.

Image     We were hungry for lunch even though it was only 11:30 in the morning so we decided to eat.  I did not have high expectations for the food at the sports grill but it was amazing!  I had a chicken sandwich which came with chips.  The chicken sandwich was so flavorful and the chips were nicely salted.  I feel a need to comment on the food because I had not thought it would be good but it was a great meal.  My sister had chicken fingers which she said were also very tasty and my dad had a BLT sandwich I believe.  We went back outside and were able to enter the expo quickly.

Image     The expo was in one building with packet pick up instead of in two buildings as it was for the half marathon.  I did not have to pick up my race bib for the half because my aunt and uncle picked it up for me the day before I arrived which was very nice.  However, I was bib number 11202 and there was no line to pick up my packet.  I signed my name and then went over to the T-shirt exchange booth.  I was glad we had gotten there fairly early because I had to exchange a small for an extra small.   There had not been an extra small t shirt option when I had signed up and they only had a few left by the time I switched my shirt.

Image      I really like the shirts for this year’s Tower of Terror.  Blue is my favorite color and the words glow in the dark which is fun to see on dark rides.  We walked around the expo and my sister bought a skirt.  I waited in line with the official runDisney merchandise that we decided to buy: medals for our Vinylmations, a 10 miler magnet, and a shirt for my sister.  (My sister obviously spent the most at the expo which is not surprising since she enjoys shopping more than my dad and I).  The line was longer this time than last, but it moved quickly.  We gave the expo one last glance and headed out.

     Time to head back to Saratoga to get ready for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  We picked the absolute perfect weekend to come down for a race because of MNSSHP and the Food and Wine Festival, both of which we had never been to before.  About a week before the trip, I had sent a photo of costumes to my sister and we agreed that we would get them.   She was going to be the Mad Hatter and I would  be the Cheshire Cat.  The costumes were reversible so that was awesome.  We did have to wear leggings though which were a little warm in Florida’s heat.  My dad decided to be a pirate.  We saw a wide range of costumes and it was fun to see who looked the most like the characters they were dressed up as.  Mary Poppins might have won in our minds.

Image     We ate at Tony’s for dinner which we have not eaten at in years.  I was able to get a reservation a day before the trip through Disney’s My Magical Experience app.  My pasta and fried zucchini was good, but we all did not want to eat too much because in a little over 24 hours it would be time for the 10 Miler.  Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party was just as amazing as when we went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party last year.

     First, we went trick or treating to a few of the stations and received so much candy!  We headed to Tomorrowland first for the Laugh Floor and for my sister and dad to ride Space Mountain.  We also walked by the dance party taking place in Tomorrowland and rode on the People Mover.  Space Mountain had a ten minute wait, and that was the longest wait of the night.  We saw the fireworks and castle show which were fantastic! The fireworks were set to “We Are Halloween.”  We rode Small World and my dad wanted to ride Peter Pan, but it was closed for refurbishment which I had not known.  We paused for a quick picture with Alice and Mad Hatter.

Image      Then we went quickly to ride Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Splash Mountain left us soaked in our costumes but we were able to make it in time to the parade and to see the Headless Horseman ride by in Frontierland.  I prefer Christmas as a holiday so I think I liked the Christmas parade better and the fake snow on Main Street but I did enjoy the MNSSHP parade.  Seeing the different characters in the parade might have been one of my favorite parts along with the seeing all the guests in costumes and eating candy.  We left the park just before midnight after taking a picture with Tarzan.  I was exhausted!  Knowing I would be running at this time the next night was a little scary because I was so tired.  I needed to get some sleep for the next day!

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October 11, 2013 · 2:04 pm

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