Tower of Terror Weekend: Saturday Part 3

     Well we woke up late as expected and were indecisive on which park to go to. Eventually my sister helped make the decision (which doesn’t usually happen) to head to Animal Kingdom. This meant that we would be making it to all four parks in less than three days…a new record for us. We all showered and got ready before getting on a bus to Animal Kingdom.

ImageWe debated driving but being that the expo was going on and we had a notice in our room about possible traffic we took the bus. Unfortunately the Animal Kingdom bus also stops at Blizzard Beach so it took a while to get there.  I convinced my dad and sister to trek across the park to the Dinosaur restaurant, Restaurantosaurus, next to my favorite bathrooms. I had a great chicken sandwich here and we talked to a nice cast member about her college. I would like to point out why the bathrooms at this restaurant are my favorite bathrooms in all of Animal Kingdom. These bathrooms are usually empty and have almost forty stalls. Anyway moving on from my favorite bathrooms…my dad and sister wanted to ride Everest but the line was way too long. Anything past ten minutes for us is too long for Expedition Everest because we are usually part of the crazy crowd for early morning hours at 7am there and go on twice in a row with no wait. We decided to see a few shows to make it a relaxing day. We arrived at Flights of Wonder after my dad led us in the opposite direction. Here are a few of the photos I was able to quickly get of the birds in the air.

ImageMy favorite part of the show is always when someone has to hold up a dollar bill and the bird flies a few inches above the person’s head.  ImageAfter this we walked to the Nemo musical which my sister had seen on a previous trip with my mom grandma and aunt but my dad and I had not seen. As with all Disney shows it was very well done.Image I wish I could be Crush in the musical and could spin and flip in the air. After this it was time to call it a day. It was hot and we, well mostly me, was tired. I was glad to see that they are trying out buses from Animal Kingdom to Downtown Disney.  I have been late for a reservation at Downtown Disney in the past because it took so long to get from Hollywood Studios to a resort and then to Downtown.  I think that this could be a great bus route for all of the parks.  We returned to the room after the bus stopped at Blizzard Beach again and I took a nap. It wasa short nap and when I woke up it was time to get dressed for the run. My dad had pinned our bibs on our shirts the day before so that we would not have any problems on race day. After checking to make sure we had everything we walked to the main bus stop at Saratoga Springs. There were three buses lined up and we were part of the last group to get on the first bus and depart for studios! We got on the bus around 7:20pm so that we would get there with enough time to use the porta potties and dance for a bit at the dance party. Here is a photo of me trying on my bib the day before.Image

  There was a bit of traffic as we were waiting on the bus and this time the bus did not have a cute running video.  On the bus to the half marathon, we had watched a running video with Jeff Galloway telling us what to expect.  I was a little disappointed about this.  It was clear everyone on the bus, minus four people, wanted to mentally prepare for the night because only those four people were talking.  Soon enough we saw the Tower of Terror’s shadow against the darkening sky.  It was kind of a cool view but I could not get a great picture of it.  Compared to the half marathon, I was less nervous.  I knew what was going to happen and that I would finish.  I tried not to pay too much attention to all of the heat signs because I sometimes worry too much about that stuff.  We did bag check and then found a nice spot to sit and then dance for the party.  We did the YMCA, part of the Cupid Shuffle, and a few other dances.  My sister and I got in line for the porta potties and were pleased to find that this year there were mini sinks and soap to wash your hands with.  It is the small details that Disney gets right!  We went back to my dad and sat down for a bit before we decided it was time to head to the corral around 8:40.  My dad used the porta potty and we went to our corral.  As we entered Corral H, we heard someone complaining about having to be in a later corral and I felt bad for the volunteer who the person was screaming at.  It is not the volunteer’s fault!  We stood in our corral around twenty minutes before starting to move in the direction of the start line.  It was hot when we were walking towards the starting area.  Many bodies=a lot of body heat.  I had my Powerade with me and a mini water bottle the whole run but I did not want to drink a lot before the race began.  The speaker system was in and out, mostly out, so we did not get to hear the pre-race discussions until the wheelchair corral went off and we saw fireworks, moving us forward to the next section where the speakers were working.  As many have said, it was nice that the corrals went off fairly quickly after each other.  My excitement increased every time I heard the sound of the starting Twilight Zone theme and then the Go!  At around 10:19, it was time for us to go!  To be continued!



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2 responses to “Tower of Terror Weekend: Saturday Part 3

  1. Loving your trip/race report! Looks like so much fun.

  2. Thanks! It was really fun! I am hoping to get up a post describing the race this weekend.

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