Tower of Terror Weekend Sunday Part 5

     I finished the race around 12:30 am. So that means it took me about 2 hours and 12 minutes.  I had wanted to get under 2 hours and 15 minutes because that was about the time I had for the half for ten miles and I did just that. I waited for fifteen minutes and then my dad and sister crossed the finish line. We took a picture with our medals and headed to bag claim. I refused to sit until around 1:15am which was a good idea because it kept my muscles from getting super sore. We picked up our bag at Indiana Jones on the stage which was cool and if I had thought of it I would have taken a picture on the stage. I had seen this show on my last trip in August so it was fresh in my mind. We sat down and drank water and ate out of the snack pack.  I bought another water bottle at Backlot and we relaxed.  We alternated taking the one bag we had checked with fresh clothes and baby wipes to change and freshen up. Around 2:30am we felt good so we went to the Great Movie Ride and were very disappointed when the cast members told us it was closed.

ImageThe race booklet had said it would be open so I wonder what happened. We didn’t want to start off with Tower or Rock’n’Roller coaster so we went over to Muppet 3D Vision. This had been closed during our last trip. I didn’t notice any major changes so it was probably just a routine refurb. My legs were sore when I stood up to leave. We passed by Star Tours and my dad and sister did that because it had a short ten minute wait. I usually go on this one but I sometimes have motion sickness so I can’t go on Everest more than twice or do teacups anymore sadly. Anyway the reason I didn’t go on it was that I wanted to save my energy to go on Tower of Terror because that’s what the race was for.  If I did not feel well after that we could take a bus back but if I did star tours I would risk feeling really bad before we rode Tower. So I sat at a table eating graham crackers and watching people take pictures with Darth Vader.

ImageThey returned quickly and I was ready to buy another water because it was so hot out. We bought another bottle and walked to Tower. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror did not have a long wait at all and the fog looked extra scary at 3am in the line area.

ImageWe walked on and everyone said Rod Sterling’s lines in the library. We checked into the hotel and went up to floor thirteen but then went down. It was an interesting elevator ride. 🙂 I thought my sister was going to start screaming because she hates Tower and was freaking out as we got on. She survived. We took a picture with one of the bellhops to commemorate the morning.  Our eyes look scary.

ImageWe went to rock n roller coaster next which I’m glad I did but at the time was a bad idea probably. I had a little headache and I swear they sped up the coaster.  It was the fastest Rock’n’Roller coaster experience I have ever had.  I got off and my head did hurt. We walked out of the park at 3:47am (I took a screenshot of my iPhone screen to remember the time) after my dad bought a lemonade Italian ice and took the bus to Old Key West. I was very carsick on the ride back and was so happy when we finally got to Saratoga Springs.

I got to bed by 4:45am and was up in four hours to shower, pack, and check out. Next and final part of this weekend trip report is the Epcot Food and Wine Festival!

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