Tower of Terror Weekend: Sunday Part 6

The last part of our weekend would be attending the Food and Wine Festival.  I was very sleepy, but also very hungry.  We did not eat breakfast and we had not ate a big meal since lunch on Saturday so I was ready to sample some yummy treats!  It was hot on Sunday.  My sister and I got water bottles at Gateway Gifts right after we took this picture.  ImageMy dad caught up with us after running back to the car because he had forgotten his phone.  We checked the time for Soarin’ and Test Track Fastpasses but they were past the time that we would be in the park unfortunately.  We decided to make today a slow, food eating day.  It was around 11:45am so we went to the Festival Center to pick up our passports for the festival and to see the building where Cranium Command used to be.  I only remember seeing the show once and after that I would look at the map where the building would be “open seasonally.”  As a young kid reading the map, I could not figure out why attractions would not be open in the summer when a lot of people go to Disney World.  Now I know that open seasonally means closed.


Our first pavilion stop was at Argentina where we got the grilled beef skewer.  We agreed that we would all try a bite of whatever we got and only get one of each item.  Image  I am not a huge beef lover but the seasoning was awesome on this.  Good start to the day.  My dad and I shared this because my sister was suffering from “I’m tired, hot, and sweaty syndrome.”  This can only be cured with ice cream and air conditioning so she went into a store until we could walk around to Italy for gelato later on in the day.  Next we went to the Refreshment Port and got an Orange Dole Whip and the Fried Chicken Chunks with Pineapple Sauce.  The fried chicken chunks were just chicken bites, which was a little disappointing.  The dole whip was very refreshing though.  ImageThe dole whip brightened up my sister’s face a little.  I guess I am so happy in Disney where the heat really does not bother me much anymore.  I still sweat but I constantly drink water and no longer complain about the weather as I might have when I was younger.  Here is a photo of my sister smiling in air conditioning at the start of the day (had to add this since she probably won’t be overjoyed that I included her in this part).  ImageAfter the dole whip we decided to check out the Chase lounge in the American Adventure pavilion.  My dad and my sister loved the soda machine they had there.  It had many flavors and was touch screen.  I was content with water.  We tried the apple strudel in Germany after watching the American Adventure I believe.  The American Adventure is a favorite of ours and I almost know most of the words.  The music in the attraction is great from Two Brothers to Golden Dream.  The strudel was so good, I wish we had gotten two.  Image

Next we went to Poland because I had been waiting to get pierogies the whole day.  They did not disappoint!  Pierogies are one of my favorite foods to have on Christmas Eve.  This is the only food we had two orders of because my sister and I each wanted a few.  I was too hungry/happy that I was finishing my last bite when my dad reminded me I had not taken a photo.  Oh well.  Guess I will have to return!  We grabbed some chocolate gelato in Italy because we were ready for something cold again.  The gelato in Italy in Disney tastes very similar to gelato I had in Italy and it is the perfect treat.  Our last stop of the Food and Wine Festival was at China where we had Dumplings and my dad had Mongolian Beef.  I had to speak with the manager before ordering because I am allergic to shrimp, but thankfully he said that the dumplings were cooked separate from the shrimp.  I could not try the beef however unless I wanted to run the risk of getting hives.  The dumplings were good even though a little hard to eat.  I also forgot to take a picture here.  We did the Mexico Boat Ride with the three caballeros as our one Epcot ride of the trip.  It was a slow boat ride because the current in the water stopped part way but then we heard the announcement and the water sped back up.  Image  When I go back to Disney during the Food and Wine Festival I will definitely try to go a few days to Epcot to sample more of the food choices.  It was around 4pm and we had to start heading to the airport so we headed out of Epcot but not before I took a selfie.  ImageI guess I forgot to say this earlier in the post but we wore our medals to Epcot and many people congratulated us and we congratulated other runners.  Surprisingly not as many people wore their medals the next day as they had in January for the half.  Both weighed about the same so I am not sure why there was a difference in the number of people wearing the between the two races.  It started to thunderstorm as we headed to the airport but we made it, got on the plane and flew home.  Thanks for reading my first trip report!  Image

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