March Trip Report Day 1

For the first time EVER, we decided to go to Walt Disney World in March.  We made this decision for a few reasons.  One was that it was the last time my break and my sister’s spring break would coincide before I leave for college.  Another reason was that it would not be as hot and humid as August usually is but not as cold as November either.  And a final reason or bonus was that it would be my sister’s 16th birthday while we were down.  She was absolutely thrilled at the idea of being in Disney on her birthday.

March 13th was the first day of our trip.  My sister had come back from Italy the night before so she was frantically repacking the morning of the 13th before our 10am flight.  My grandma and aunt came to my house and we drove to the airport.  It was -2 degrees when we got out of the car at the airport.  We were definitely looking forward to the warmer weather!  On the flight we got a free movie which turned out to be “Frozen” because we had to walk outside the airport to get to the plane.  I did not mind this at all.  When we arrived at Orlando, our luggage came quickly and after a quick rearrangement of the luggage to get it all to fit into the rental car, we were heading to Old Key West!

My sister and I could not wait to have a snack when we got to Old Key West at around 2:30 even though we had dinner in three hours.  We bought Mickey Ice Cream Pops at Conch Flats while my dad checked us in.  My grandma and aunt’s room was ready but ours was not so we hung out in their room.  Soon after, my aunt and her friend popped by for a quick hello before we had to go to the Contemporary for dinner at the California Grill.

The last time we had been at the California Grill was with 22 family members in matching polo shirts before the renovations.  We were excited to try the new menu items and have a great first meal.  Image

Our meal here was excellent as usual.  I had Sweet Potato Gnocchi as well as a rich Chocolate Pudding dessert.

The meal did take a little longer than expected so my sister and I missed our Big Thunder Mountain Fastpasses for the night.  We all headed back to Old Key West.  My mom, dad, and aunt went out to go grocery shopping (A traditional first night festivity for them) while my sister and I debated whether or not we should go to Magic Kingdom.  We ended up deciding not to.  I did not want to get stuck in the fireworks crowd coming out of the park and I also wanted to be ready and well rested for a full day at Epcot the next day.  I thought that she should also catch up on some sleep since she was still on Italy time.  I am going to end Day 1’s summary with a picture of the sun setting at the Contemporary, something I really loved seeing and was a lovely first look at Magic Kingdom of the trip.


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