March Trip Report Day 2

On March 14th we headed to Epcot after my dad and I went for a 6:30 am 3 mile run around Old Key West.  It was 48 degrees when we started running!  That seemed crazy after having run the Tower of Terror 10 Miler last October in 70 something degree weather with high humidity.  It felt warmer than the Northeast but not by much!  We had Fastpass plus reservations for Soarin’, Test Track, and Nemo (different members of our group had combinations).  We managed to get to all of them and see the Festival Center for the Flower and Garden Festival before lunch.  Soarin’ seems to have increased the amount of orange spray used.  Test Track and Nemo seemed similar to the last time I went on them, which was not surprising.  I was more excited about the food booths for the Flower and Garden Festival but it was nice to see brightly colored flowers after being in gray, dreary winter in the Northeast.

ImageAfter going on the Nemo ride, we ventured around the aquarium portion of the Seas watching dolphins, poisonous lionfish, and rays swim around.  The coolest thing was seeing the eels be fed though. We had never seen this done before.  Certain eels were fed with the food brought right to them while others swam up a tube in order to get the food.  The two cast members explained everything they were doing which was great and answered any questions.  Right before this demonstration, my sister decided to be funny and “kiss” the fish.  ImageShe’s weird, I know.  We had lunch at Biergarten because we had not been there in years and I had no memory of the buffet style German restaurant.  My sister and I learned very quickly that we are not fans of German food.  After walking around for already three hours in Epcot we were starving.  My sister and the rest of my family had stopped at Starbucks for snacks but I had been signing us all up for the Twinings Tea Tour in England for the afternoon.  The pretzel rolls and the pork with the pepper sauce were our two favorites.  We decided we would probably not come back here for a bit (at least my sister and I did).  It was fun to hear the German music and take a photo with one of the German waiters though.  We left lunch and walked around the World Showcase for a bit.  We got to America and I wanted to see the American Adventure so we went in. We saw the Voices of Liberty sing but did not see the actual show because I realized our tea tour was going to be starting right as the show would end leaving us no time to get to England.  So, we quickly exited the theatre before my favorite part of Epcot, the American Adventure, began.  I will have to see it next time!  Below is the view from upstairs (where the wheelchair parties are escorted to-my grandma can’t walk for long so she has a wheelchair).  photo 3We walked to England and signed in for the Tea Tour.  I stood in line to get a bottle of water which took a good seven minutes due to everyone before me ordering fish and chips.  But it was warmer than the morning so I felt the purchase was a necessary one.  The tour started at 3:45pm and was a nice 20 minutes tour around the different types of Twinings tea set up behind the England tea house.  We learned about how different types of tea are made and which ones are caffeinated and which ones are not.  Afterwards we each got a packet of 8 tea samples from Twinings.  This was a very nice souvenir from the free tour!  A great, free, short tour if you or your family members like tea and are in Epcot during the Flower and Garden Festival.

photo 2I then realized that we would be just in time to see the British band play in England.  They are my favorite part of England in Epcot.  Unfortunately I only knew one of the songs they played.  I need to brush up on old British bands.  Usually they play some Queen and Police but not at the show that day.  My aunt and her friend met up with us around this time and we went around the Outdoor Marketplaces or food booths as I call them for dinner.  I tried the Spring Pancake in China which was delicious!  I also had a chicken kebab in Morocco which was also tasty.  I wish we had not had lunch so late because I wanted to try many other items.  We stopped to watch Gary Lewis and the Playboys, a band from a few decades ago, play as part of the Flower Power Concert Series.  My sister got henna on her leg in Morocco with my mom while we listened to the band play a few songs.  One of my aunts especially enjoyed the concert because she had listened to them growing up.  I wish I had listened to a few of their songs beforehand so I would recognize the songs more.  photo 4To end the night we all headed over the walkway to the Beach and Yacht Club.  We ate ice cream at Beaches and Cream.  Usually we go to Ghirardelli’s in Downtown Disney for our ice cream fix but I think Beaches and Cream is the new top choice.  I had mint chocolate chip ice cream with hot fudge and sprinkles and almost finished it all.  My sister had a massive peanut butter sundae.  We passed on getting the kitchen sink because we were too full from our snacking and lunch.  My dad let the cast member who was our waiter know my sister’s 16th birthday was the following day and so everyone sang Happy Birthday as he brought out her sundae and a balloon.  Disney is a great place to be for your birthday.  We were too tired to go back to Epcot for the fireworks.  My sister and I almost fell asleep on the couch in the lobby while my dad got the car.  We fell asleep fast once we got back to our Old Key West room.  We needed to be up early the next day for our Behind the Scenes Keys to the Kingdom tour in Magic Kingdom.  It was also my sister’s birthday and I had bought decorations so my dad had to decorate the room before my sister woke up the next morning.

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