March Trip Report Day 4

Looking at my schedule and noticing that March 16th was the fourth day of the trip meant that we were more than halfway done with this vacation.  Vacations always go by quickly!  We had a late start this morning after three of us had been out in Magic Kingdom so late the previous night.  We had made a last minute reservation through the My Disney Experience App the day before for lunch at Mama Melrose’s one of our favorite places to eat.  We made it to Hollywood Studios with time to walk around and go through One Man’s Dream before heading to lunch.  Before we went in to eat, my sister grabbed a coffee at the little coffee shop around the corner.  I can’t stand the taste of coffee and mochas but she loves them.  ImageI love Italian food, so lunch was great.  I had my usual for Mama Melrose’s which is the Chicken Parmesan.  We used our Fastpass + reservations after eating to go on Toy Story Mania.  We also saw part of the Cheerleading Competition on the Indiana Jones stage.  Since we had not been down in Florida in March before, we had never seen this taking place.  There is always something different to do in Disney and no one can say that they have done absolutely EVERYTHING.  It was hot outside and so we did not spend as much time as usual in Hollywood Studios.  We passed this advertisement for Maleficent near Toy Story Mania.  I always loved the large billboards in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  As a kid I never recognized any of the ABC shows but now I know what the shows are and watch some of them.  Just one more thing I notice that has marked my growing up through Disney trips.  ImageWe rescheduled our Great Movie Ride Fastpass + reservations because we had missed the original time.  Switching them with one of the cast members took a long time.  The wi-fi was bad and it is hard when they give you a time instead of letting you choose one.  We finally got a time that was early enough before dinner so we went on the Great Movie Ride before exiting the park.  I was super excited because we passed through the gangster scene with no shooting.  Emma (my sister) and I were thrilled.  We have had the gangster for the past few times so it was nice to have the bandit for a change.  Emma was a little frightened because she did not remember ever having a different “show.”  I am fairly sure I say most of the ride script now.  I don’t think there has been a trip where we did not go on this ride.

We left Hollywood Studios without going on my two favorite rides-The Hollywood Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.  I knew that we would come back the next night for late hours.  We went back to Old Key West to get quickly changed for our St. Patrick’s Day themed dinner at Raglan Road.  We drove to Downtown Disney where parking was not fun.  Note that you can have your car valeted near Raglan Road during the St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  I am not sure if this is only because the construction was going on or if they do it every year but it could come in handy.  We split up upon arrival at Downtown.  My aunt, grandma, sister, and mom wanted to go shopping in World of Disney.  I LOVE looking at everything in the World of Disney but my dad and I wanted to go to Fit2Run to buy new running shoes for our half marathon in less than a month.  It was a long, crowded walk over Fit2Run on the Pleasure Island side because of the construction walls which limit the pathways.  Fit2Run was not crowded however which was good because we did not have time to wait for an hour before buying shoes.  We had two nice guys help us by having us run on a treadmill which showed our gaits in slow motion and then telling us about how we ran.  They brought us shoes to try and then we ended up both deciding on purchasing Asics.  Then my dad and I walked back to Raglan Road, passing by some Irish bands and festivities.  We found the rest of the family listening to a band outside Raglan Road.  We checked in and my dad bought a Guinness while we were waiting.  photo 4Most of the people who passed by were dressed in green, as all members of my family were.  The atmosphere in Downtown Disney was great.  We were seated close to our reservation time and had a booth where half of us could see the performers on the stage in the middle of the restaurant.  I enjoyed the dinner even though I am not a fan of Irish food.  I prefer anything Italian.  We watched Irish dancers, singers, and musicians perform throughout the night.  It was loud which was to be expected but do not plan on having a long conversation when eating here without feeling the need to shout.  There was free face painting so everyone but my mom got something Irish painted on their face.  Image  Here is a screenshot of the snapchat my sister and I sent out.  She looks like she is crying but it is because she was laughing so hard.  It was a successful St. Patrick’s Day celebration the day before St. Patrick’s Day and we were tired when we got back to the room.  My dad and Emma went back out to Magic Kingdom but I wanted to be ready for the next day.  My dad, Emma, and I were planning to wake up to make 8am for Animal Kingdom early hours and that meant I would need to be up before 7am to shower and get ready.

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