Off to France this Summer!

My parents just told me that we will be going to France this summer on an Adventures by Disney tour!  I am very excited to go to France even though I don’t know much French history and I know even less of the language.  We went on the Adventures by Disney Ireland tour in 2008, and the Italy tour in 2011.  We love the way Disney organizes everything ahead of time and makes it so easy for the travelers.  All of the people on the tour are Disney lovers.  The tour is not covered in hidden Mickey’s but there are usually a few Disney elements sprinkled throughout the tour.  My neighbors will be joining us on this tour which will be fun as well.

Top 5 Travel Stops I am Most Looking Forward to:

1) Tour of the Palace of Versailles-This on the schedule for the first day of the trip.   We are going two days in advance of the Adventures by Disney (ABD) tour so that we can adjust to the time difference.  We did this on the last two trips and it worked out perfectly.  It meant we were awake and energetic the first few days while everyone else was feeling a bit tired.  Anyways, I am excited to see the Palace because it is our first activity and I have heard how beautiful it is.  There is a lot of history connected to the Palace which I will make sure to research and learn about before the trip.

2)Claude Monet’s Home and Garden-I learned about Claude Monet in 2nd grade I believe and I do like his paintings with the lily pads in them so it will be fun to see where he got his inspiration from.

3) Trip to Les Vergers de Ducy orchard-Apples are my favorite fruit and I can’t wait to see the orchard.  The description of the trip says we will taste cider and brandy that is made here.  Since I am now 18, I can sample these while I am in France.  My dad does not think I will like them, but at least I can try them!

4) Dinner at Ladurée- I have never had “macarons” but I am hoping to try some at this dinner since the restaurant is famous for having many flavors, according to the ABD site.

5) The Eiffel Tower-This is one of the biggest tourist destinations and definitely the most popular one in France.  I have seen TONS of pictures of it as well as the replica in Epcot from a distance.  I do want to see it in person and I am sure the rest of the tour will too.


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