Adventures by Disney package!

My neighbor came home from school yesterday and my sister and I went outside to say hi.  My neighbor noticed she had a package waiting from Adventures by Disney and I ran home and saw that we had one as well so we decided to open them together and explore the contents.  This means our trip is approaching quickly! photo 2 I loved the inside cover of the box which had many words on the inside associated with traveling and adventures.  Inside the box, we found two drawstring bags (for my sister and I we guessed),photo 3 a tote bag (for my mom we guessed again) photo 4and then a nice organizer.  The organizer held 3 luggage tags (not sure why not 4?), tip envelopes for the guides and an Adventure Handbook for the Esprit de France trip.  I was a little disappointed that there were not 4 luggage tags or 4 bags because on previous trips we have gotten more stuff I believe.  The Adventure Handbook included tips for the trip, common French phrases, common French menu items, and a daily itinerary of the trip.  I will need to start packing soon but I did buy two new dresses for the trip last weekend so that is a start!    photo 1


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2 responses to “Adventures by Disney package!

  1. Lucky! I would love to be able to afford an Adventure trip! I would want to take the a Galapagos tour 🙂

    • The Galapagos trip looks amazing! 🙂 Unfortunately the trips are expensive. I think that it would be awesome to be an Adventure Guide. They have the perfect job- Disney and traveling for work!

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