The Disneyland Paris Debate

                My Adventures by Disney trip to France is quickly approaching and I will be leaving for Paris before I know it! While in Paris, we have a fairly tight schedule of things to do with the tour and things each family member would like to see in their free time. So the big question is whether or not we should take a train ride to Disneyland Paris.

                 I have never been to any Disney park besides those in Walt Disney World and so it would be very interesting (and fun of course) to see another one. Plus I don’t know if and when I will make it back to Paris. I’ve read reviews, looked on websites, and am not able to reach a grand conclusion about whether or not it is (as Stacey from the televisions in Walt Disney World would say) a “Must-Do.” Some say it is nothing compared to Walt Disney World, which is understandable but on the other hand some say it is definitely worth seeing for a Disney fan.

                I also do not know how my family and I will feel the following days after we land as a result of jet lag. The only negative I can see to going to Disneyland Paris is that it takes extra travel time which could be spent seeing something more important to Paris’ history like Notre Dame. It will probably come down to how everyone is faring and if we can go to the two parks for a few hours one afternoon and then come back. If anyone has been before and can provide any advice please comment below! Thanks!


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3 responses to “The Disneyland Paris Debate

  1. We went on our honeymoon, and honestly, if you’re a Disney nut, you should go! You don’t need much time there and we were able to take the train from Paris and were there in less than an hour. The parks are small, there isn’t as much good food, etc, but you just can’t beat Buzz Lightyear speaking French! We spent three days there (which was more than enough…you can even see a lot in one) then continued on to Paris for 8 days. We have zero regrets and it was our only time visiting Paris. We’d love to go back someday! Be sure to check the park times…we thought they’d be open way later. No, I wouldn’t pass up the Eiffel tower for it, but I would put it on the list if you have time.

    • Just wanted to let you know Alyson that we went to Disneyland Paris and enjoyed it very much! I will be posting my thoughts on it and the rest of my Paris trip soon! Thanks again for your advice

  2. Thank you so much for your reply Alyson! It’s great to hear you got there easily and that I would be able to see a lot in one day (since that is probably the maximum amount of time I would have there!) I will check the park times if we end up going beforehand. Thanks again for your advice and I will let you know what I end up doing!

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