France Trip Day 1-Bonjour Paris and Versailles!

We arrived at the airport all packed and ready to go after having waited all day to leave. Our flight was at 9pm and we were excited to arrive in Paris. I did not sleep during the flight and it felt like the plane was taking forever to arrive. We finally arrived at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. We went through customs quickly before meeting our Adventures by Disney transfer to the hotel in Versailles. The hotel that we stayed in for the first three nights was the Hotel Trianon which was a very nice hotel. My sister, Emma, and I had an adjoining room with our parents. After our neighbors arrived at the hotel, we walked through this beautiful line of trees into the town for a late lunch. My dad was fascinated by these trees and was wondering how they kept them so neatly trimmed.


Where we ate lunch was good however we did not have ice in the water (which continued to be a trend for the trip) so we were a little hot while eating. I had chicken and gnocchi but the bread was the best part of the meal. After this we walked around Versailles and had ice cream to cool off. The hotel was about a 15 minute walk from the main part of Versailles. In total, we walked around 8 miles this first day according to my Dad’s “Breeze” app. We returned to the hotel and I napped while my sister and one of my neighbors went swimming. Around 7:30pm we showered and got dressed for dinner. We walked around Versailles for about an hour trying to find a place to eat for dinner that had something we would all like and air conditioning. Needless to say we did not find somewhere to eat before 9pm and we figured a sit down dinner would take too long at this point.

We ended up at McDonald’s! We try to eat at McDonald’s in each country we visit to see what different items they offer. This McDonald’s had crepes and better McFlurry’s than in the states plus pasta salad! Here are some photos below!

IMG_1616      IMG_1617


We walked back to the hotel after window shopping since all of the shops had closed at this point and crashed as soon as we got in our rooms. We needed to get our beauty sleep for sightseeing the following day!

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