France Trip Day 5-Mont Saint-Michel and Apple Cider Tasting

This morning was another early morning-I believe we had to be on the bus by 7:40am.  We had breakfast at the hotel in Deauville first.  They had lots of options to choose from for breakfast with chocolate croissants, baguettes, pancakes, and fruit being some of the top items on my family’s list.  We had a couple of hours on the bus during which we watched the Hunchback of Notre Dame or Ratatouille.  We watched both during the trip but I can’t remember which day we watched which on the bus since I was tired and slept through most of the movies.  We stopped on the way to Mont St-Michel for a “comfort stop” at a Shell station and the guides gave us snacks.  One of the guides gave my Oreos because she had seen how much I liked Oreos every other time we had to choose snacks!  This was the view of Mont St-Michel before we transferred off the bus to a tram to take us to our tour.


We met our wonderful tour guide Helen upon arrival who showed us around the beautiful Mont St-Michel for the next couple of hours.  IMG_1803 She was very upbeat and was very knowledgeable and we called her “The Queen” while she toured us around.  It was the perfect weather outside for this day.  We could feel a breeze at the bottom of Mont St.-Michel but were warmed by the sun as we climbed higher and higher up.  Something to note for today’s activities is that we climbed a LOT of stairs to get to the top. IMG_1789 We paused in between to hear stories from Helen, however it was a bit of a climb and there were not many railings.  I might have also been thinking the stairs were a bit much because it seemed like we had just climbed Notre Dame even though that was a few days before.  The views once we reached the top were amazing though.   Helen was able to answer any questions the group had and knew her way around Mont St-Michel.  The entire group was sad to see her go when we were getting ready to go to lunch.IMG_1796

We were given around 20 minutes before lunch to explore the town and go into a few shops before meeting at the restaurant “La Mere Poulard” at 1pm.  We were broken up into tables seating four to seven.  First, one of the chefs showed us how the famous omelet is made here and a few of the younger kids got to try the technique.  Then, each of us was given a HUGE omelet as an appetizer.  The guides had warned us ahead of time to pace ourselves because the omelet was just the appetizer.  The majority of the group was not able to finish the omelet.  My neighbor enjoyed the omelet and my sister liked it a little but I am not a fan of omelets to begin with.  We found out later that this omelet is very expensive.  Around the restaurant are pictures of celebrities who have dined here and among them was Eleanor Roosevelt!  I always find it neat when history connects with something I am doing in the present.

We had a chicken dish for our entree which was good.  Dessert was a combination of three apple things-an apple crumble, an apple tarte tartin, and an apple ice cream.  The apple ice cream was the best out of the three.  The lunch in total took about two hours and then we went back to the bus.

The whole day revolved around apples so our next stop was an apple orchard.  The apple orchard was the Les Vergers de Ducy apple orchard.  IMG_1808We were given a tour of the orchard and also got to try four different drinks-apple juice, apple cider (alcoholic), calvados, and brandy.   The apple juice was my favorite.  I tried the others but since I rarely ever try a sip of alcoholic drinks, I do not like the taste of alcohol.  IMG_1810They also had another apple dessert prepared for us as well as bread with jams on the table.  Many apple orchards are in the area where I live but it was cool to get a tour of the orchard and see how they make the cider.  And it was interesting to compare the orchards I have seen at home to this one in France.  This specific orchard sells their products only within a radius of 3 hours from the orchard.  There was a small gift shop which some people on the tour visited before we used the restrooms and got back on the bus to drive back to Deauville.  It was another tiring day with lots of sightseeing!

Once we got back to the Royal Barriere we got ready for dinner quickly and headed to a place one of the guides had recommended which was called Pizza Barbara.  I had had pizza from here the night before when the rest of the family went to have seafood and I stayed back writing postcards in the room.  We decided to try it for dinner though and it was amazing Italian food.  Collectively, we had pastas, fish, and salads-all of which were yummy.  I did not take any photos of the food sadly. After dinner we went to get Amorino gelato and saw one of the families from our tour there.  The gelato was great as well and tasted very close to the gelato we had in Italy a few years ago.

My dad and I went to the casino next to the hotel while our neighbors, my mom, and sister went to the beach.  We stayed for an hour and I had fun learning about slot machines and Roulette.  We went back to the room around 11pm and fell asleep very fast.  The next day we were off to Omaha Beach in Normandy.


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