France Trip Day 8 Part 1-The Eiffel Tower

This day was one of the most exhausting days of the trip because we started fairly early with a visit to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and did not get back to the room until 1 am because we stayed at Disneyland Paris late to see Disney Dreams.  Part 1 of this day is going to cover the morning before we step foot into Walt Disney Studios Park.  Part 2 will focus on Walt Disney Studios Park and Part 3 will be on Disneyland Park.  I could not only do one post for this Disney focused day!

We had a reservation time of 9am for the Eiffel Tower.  I would highly recommend a reservation here as early as possible if you are going on your own because it was getting crowded.  IMG_1952

We were each given a ticket and had to go through bag check.  We took one elevator to the first floor that went up diagonally and then right away took another elevator to the second floor.  IMG_1954Our tickets worked for all three levels so my family and I went up to the third level after this.  The view from the top was impressive but since we had used the Eiffel Tower as a reference point when we climbed Notre Dame, there was not an iconic thing to see from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

We used the stairs instead of the elevators to go down to the first level and then used the bathrooms before taking an elevator down to the ground.  We saw bride and groom models under the Tower getting photos done.  IMG_1958We then met up with the rest of our group who wanted to go to Disneyland Paris aka the true Disney fans.  It was a short walk to the subway after stopping to buy a few water bottles at a kiosk. IMG_1957

We avoided all of the people selling mini Eiffel Towers and asking us if we spoke English to sign petitions.  Once we got to the metro, buying tickets was very confusing and two guys came up and did it all for us and then we paid them.  We quickly realized we probably got scammed and on the way back from Disneyland our tickets did not work so that was an interesting experience.  More on that later.

We got on the right train easily and then got off to transfer to the RER A.  Disneyland Paris is the last stop on the RER A and it was about a 45 minute ride from where we got on.  My mom took a nap on the train ride there and so did one of the other members of our traveling party but the rest of us were too excited and planning our course of action for the day.  We walked off the train and were all thrilled.  We took pictures of the train station sign as we got off.   We followed the crowds out of the train station and were a little confused.  Downtown Disney was one way, Walt Disney Studios Park was another way, and Disneyland Park was another way.  We went towards Walt Disney Studios where there was a line for bag check.  In Walt Disney World you go through security and then you can buy tickets before you go through the turnstiles.  The bag check line in Paris looked like it went right into the park.  But it did not so after I ran to a booth across the way, we went through security and my dad purchased tickets at the booth.  The tickets had Ratatouille pictures on them since the new Ratatouille section had just opened. My dad gave us each a ticket and we walked…to be continued!


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