France Trip Day 8 Part 2-Walt Disney Studios Park

We decided to go eat lunch in Downtown Disney before going into Walt Disney Studios Park so we walked in the other direction towards the Downtown Disney entrance.  A circle of markers with the number of kilometers to each of the other Disney parks was in between these two areas.  I took a picture of the Walt Disney World one since WDW is the only other park I have visited and it was 7272km away.IMG_1976

Downtown Disney was more similar to the Downtown Disney in WDW than I had expected.  A Planet Hollywood restaurant was the first similarity but there was also an Earl of Sandwich restaurant where we had lunch at.  They had a similar menu to the one in the states and I won’t bore anyone by describing the restaurant but they did have WiFi there so that was a major plus!  I had read’s guide on Planning a Trip to Disneyland Paris before our trip so I knew that there was an Earl of Sandwich there.  The shops in Downtown Disney were interesting.  IMG_1980The World of Disney store was MUCH smaller compared to the one in WDW and there were separate stores for toys and clothing.  We looked around but did not decide to buy anything yet since the long day had just begun!  To the left is a picture of my sister in shock next to a huge mushroom.

We walked over to the Walt Disney Studios Park and noticed one of the main differences that we did not like between WDW and Disneyland Paris.  The cast member name tags do not have their hometowns on them.  Sometimes a cast member at WDW is from near where you live or you know that place so you can start up a conversation based on that but not at Disneyland Paris!  I am curious why they decided not to include hometowns on the name tags here.  When we entered the park after bag check we did not have to put our finger on a scan thing like you have to do in WDW.  IMG_1986We decided to head to the new Ratatouille Ride first after grabbing a few maps at the entrance of the park.  Note: We had a lot of trouble finding maps after this.  They seem to only be located at entrances to the parks and not in stores or restaurants as they are in WDW.  We walked through the main building which was very cool.  I apologize for the blurry picture on the right-there were too many lights and I was walking!  IMG_1984A quick service Brown Derby restaurant was inside as well as some shops.  This area reminded me a lot of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and was a combination of different parts of that park.  After going through this building, we came upon the classic Partners statue with Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.  IMG_1990In WDW you cannot get a great picture near it because there are usually tons of people wanting to get a picture.  We found that not many people were taking pictures throughout either park.  Maybe we were the only tourists there.

Ratatouille had the longest line that we saw all day.  My mom decided not to go on it because she was worried she would get sick from it and its probably a good thing she did not ride it because it spun fast and was a motion simulator.  My dad, sister, and I went through the single rider line and waited 30 minutes which is not bad at all.  IMG_1996We waited an hour and a half for Ariel’s Undersea Adventure the first week it was open at WDW.  I won’t spoil the whole ride but you get into a rat shaped vehicle and then spin around on a trackless, WiFi controlled ride to different screens and try to avoid being captured in the kitchen.  It was definitely a fun ride but it seemed short.  This new Ratatouille area had many advertisements around Paris, especially in the metro but it was not too big of an area.  There was the ride and the restaurant basically.  We did not even exit into a gift shop as we always do in WDW.  We rarely exited into a gift shop at all in Disneyland Paris.  I would have liked to see a character meet and greet but those were not as common in Disneyland Paris as they are in WDW either.

My dad and my sister wanted to go on Crush’s Coaster but the single rider line was down for that ride for the time so we walked towards Rock’n’Roller Coaster since we had heard from another family on our ABD tour that it was much different.  On the way to Rock’n’Roller Coaster we passed Mr. and Mrs. Incredible on moveable Segway like vehicles.  IMG_2011 IMG_2010There might have been two character attendants and the area was not roped off that they were passing through.  This was surprising to me since in WDW usually there are many cast members protecting the characters  and making sure the crowds don’t come too close.  We noticed overall that it was harder to find cast members in the Disneyland Paris parks and there appeared to be fewer cast members.

Also on our way to Rock’n’Roller Coaster, we passed the Tower of Terror which unfortunately we did not ride that day, but it was neat to see how it looked different on the outside.  When we got to Rock’n’Roller Coaster we basically walked on which is hard to do even at park opening at WDW.  The pre show was disappointing with much less dialogue than the Florida version.  We were surprised and didn’t move for a few seconds after the doors to our high speed super stretch limos opened.  IMG_2008Rock’n’Roller Coaster seemed similar to the one in Florida but there was different decoration within the ride and there were a LOT of strobe lights flashing at us.  IMG_2005It definitely made it seem a little crazier.  The fog from the strobe lights also smelled a little and we were stopped for about three minutes right in the direct line of the lights before we got to the end to exit the vehicles.  I liked this version and am glad I did it but I think the Florida version is better.IMG_2006

After this, we went back to regroup with my mom who was looking in a few gift shops and resting.  My dad and sister went to ride Crush’s Coaster which they said was good even though it broke down while they were waiting in line to get on.  My mom and I went to watch the Animagique show.  I had no idea what this show was about but it was very good.   The theatre was pretty full which was surprising since the rides did not have long lines at all.  I enjoyed seeing snip its of different classic Disney movies and hearing a little dialogue in French and English.  After the fifteen minute show, we regrouped with my dad and sister and decided we wanted to start heading out towards Disneyland Park.  IMG_1992It was around 3pm and we still had 8 hours until Disney Dreams started but it felt like we had been in the parks for more than three hours.     DSC02078I was hoping my leg would last because it was starting to really bother me from all of the walking this trip (I hurt it during basketball season in February and strained a muscle and acts up after long runs or walks)!  I definitely liked Disneyland Park better than Walt Disney studios but am glad we were able to experience both during our trip to Paris!



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2 responses to “France Trip Day 8 Part 2-Walt Disney Studios Park

  1. Can’t believe you had to wait 30 minutes in the single rider line! The times I was there it was no longer than 5-10 minutes. Lovely review though! 🙂

    • We went on the weekend so maybe that added time to the wait? I was still happy with 30 minutes though since the lines in WDW can be an hour or more for single rider on some rides. Thank you and thanks for reading! 🙂

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