France Trip Day 8 Part 3-Disneyland Park

I am not sure if I made it clear in the last post but going to Disneyland was not part of the Adventures by Disney tour.  We had the afternoon and evening free after visiting the Eiffel Tower with the group and my family and I decided to go to Disneyland Paris.  I just wanted to make sure no one was confused if they were looking into taking the ABD France Trip and did not see Disneyland Paris on the itinerary.  DSC02132

Disneyland Park was very similar to Magic Kingdom in design with Main Street and the Castle at the end with pathways to different lands.  The shop windows on Main Street are usually decorated but I especially liked the ones in France.  I did not stop long enough to take good photos but I did include one in this post.  On the walk from Walt Disney Studios to Disneyland Park, I looked at my phoneDSC02082 and realized I only had 37% left to last me 8 hours!  So I turned my phone off since I was only using it for pictures and started to use my camera.  These pictures might be a little better quality than the ones in the previous post.

One of our ABD tour guides had suggested getting reservations to eat at Walt’s Restaurant but when we checked, they were all sold out for the day.DSC02139  The cast member said to check at other restaurants later on to see if Walt’s opened up but booked us at Blue Lagoon for 6:30pm.  Since I had read’s Guide to Planning a Disneyland Paris Trip, my family and I decided to hit the attractions that were much different from the ones in WDW first.  We headed towards Phantom Manor, which had about a fifteen minute wait.  To enter the stretching room, you had to turn a corner to enter the building as you do when entering Tower of Terror.  I noticed more skeletons in the ride and the audio seemed to be a little louder than the Haunted Mansion in Florida.  I also felt the stretching room moving which I normally don’t in WDW.  My family definitely enjoyed this ride.

It wDSC02103as starting to get hotter and it truly felt like we might be in Florida again.  I was craving a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar but we could not find any!  Disneyland Paris does not have Mickey Ice Cream Bars which I was very disappointed with.  Instead, we went to a stand and got regular, boring ice cream cones and a sugar crepe.  Can’t get a crepe in Magic Kingdom! (I would say WDW but you can in France in Epcot).  After gaining a spurt of energy we continued on with our journey through the lands.  My dad and sister got Fastpasses for the Indiana Jones ride.  I got one too but did not end up using it so I kept it as a souvenir.  Since Fastpasses are extinct in the paper form at WDW, I was sort of glad to keep mine.  We all went on Pirates of the Caribbean while my dad and sister waited for their Fastpass time.  DSC02112Pirates of the Caribbean was much longer here and you actually pass right by the Blue Lagoon Restaurant, similar to the Mexico boat ride and restaurant proximity in Epcot.  Unfortunately, someone scared their child and took them on the ride even though they were crying so they screamed for the entire ride behind us.  But other than that, we enjoyed this extended Pirates of the Caribbean ride and even debated riding it again.  I had expected to exit into a gift shop after this ride since you do in Florida but the one in Florida is HUGE and this one did not compare.

We went to check at the Blue Lagoon to see the menu but then my mom remembered to ask if a reservation had opened up for Walt’s.  The cast member said one reservation was left at 6:15pm so we took that one!  We were glad we had checked!  My dad and sister headed to Indiana Jones so my mom and I went to explore Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.  DSC02127On the way, we went on the Pinocchio ride.  DSC02125This is a classic Fantasyland dark ride which in WDW would probably have an hour wait if this ride existed there.  However, we walked on!  I was in disbelief!  It was a nice ride but a little jerky.  I have never been to Disneyland in California so I can’t compare the two Sleeping Beauty Castles but I really liked the interior of this one.  You could walk through two levels of scenes from Sleeping Beauty and below the castle was a dragon which moved occasionally.  The dragon area is closed when the water show is going on in front of the castle at certain times of the day.  The interior of the castle closes around 8pm to get ready for Disney Dreams at 11pm.

DSC02097We decided on heading to dinner after riding Snow White’s Scary Adventures.  The Snow White ride left WDW last May so we figured we would ride it in Paris again.  I never liked when the witch turned around and changed form and of course I screamed this time.  We all made our way to Walt’s restaurant after stopping in a few shops on Main Street.  Walt’s was very good.  We each had a different entree and we all liked them.  I recommend the chicken since that is what I had!  The waitress also brought us bread and water with ice.  The iced water was definitely a plus for me since I like cold water and ice is hard to find in Europe.  We were too full to order dessert and still had a few more things to fit in before the day ended.

IMG_2014My dad and sister rode Space Mountain which they said was incredibly different and more intense than the Florida version sometime after dinner (but not too soon!).  We then rode It’s a Small World where we noticed a few differences.  The Paris version’s outside paint needed touching up and the end scene of the ride did not have “Goodbye” in many different languages.  The day was going by very quickly!  We went through Alice’s Labyrinth which was very confusing.  I am glad we did it and it was fun stopping short at dead ends.  It was starting to get late and we were starting to get tired but we had decided on staying until 11pm to watch Disney Dreams.     We went to find water bottles which was a harder task than I would have expected.  All of the small stores not on Main Street selling water and snacks closed around 8:30pm.  It was an inconvenience but we found our seats early at 9:30pm.  We sat on benches to the right of the castle which ended up being good seDSC02149ats.  My dad got us snacks while we waited and a few last minute souvenirs.  Then we rotated using the restrooms before staying put for the show.  The show did not begin until 11:03 which is unlike Disney.      DSC02157

Disney Dreams was great!  Less fireworks took off compared to Florida however Disney Dreams had water and had lots of scenes from the movies projected on the castle.  It was a cool combination of all of the special effects.  Disney knows how to do shows!  After the fifteen minute show, we met up with the rest of the group we had traveled with from the tour, had to run through an open metro gate because our tickets did not work on the way back unfortunately, and got on the 45 minute train ride back to the middle of Paris.  We made it back safe and sound although a bit tired with awesome memories of getting to experience a Disney park in another country.



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