Top 7 Least Favorite WDW Attractions

Since I have been focusing on the France Trip Report for a while and it is finally complete, I thought I would return to posts on Walt Disney World.  Next week I will post my top 7 favorite attractions and rides but I decided to write about my top 7 least favorite attractions rides today.  I believe I have experienced every ride at WDW at some point or another with the exception of the Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train but I will definitely ride it on my next trip.  I enjoy most of the rides but there are a few I don’t go on every trip…

7.  The Hall of Presidents in Magic Kingdom- I know many people who enjoy this ride and it is number 7 on this list because it is not a bad attraction.  But, I prefer watching the American Adventure in Epcot to seeing the Hall of Presidents on any trip.

6. The Swiss Family Treehouse in Magic Kingdom- I find the treehouse a bit boring and it is not a fun activity to do when it is 100 degrees at the end of August.  Climbing up stairs and around and around just to see a few set up rooms is not worth it for me.  I think they could put something more interesting here.  I have never even seen the film which focuses on the Swiss Family Robinson or read the book and I think that is why some versions of it focus on Tarzan now since he is more current.

5. Captain EO in Epcot- I liked seeing this the first year it was brought back but then I started to miss Honey I Shrunk the Audience.  I had never been tall enough to feel the mice at my feet (or bold enough to sit far enough forward so they would) and had only seen the snake hiss at the audience once because I usually closed my eyes.  I was finally getting used to Honey I Shrunk the Audience when they took it away.  I hope they bring it back soon.

4. The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow in Hollywood Studios-I was really excited when this walk through was opening because while I had liked the Narnia exhibit, it was not anything spectacular but it had been cool to see costumes.  The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow disappointed me.  It was a once and done attraction for my family and I.

3.  Disney Junior Live on Stage in Hollywood Studios-This show was great when I was a kid and it had Bear in the Big Blue House, Rolie Polie Olie, and Stanley.  But then I reached an age where my sister still liked the show and I was “too old” for it so I tried to avoid seeing it.  But now I wished I had paid more attention to it when we were both younger because I miss the old version!  I realize I am not the target audience for this attraction anymore but I think the old shows were better.

2. Maelstrom in Norway in Epcot-Since I was a child, I never liked when my family decided to go on this ride.  Recently, rumors have been circulating about changes to this ride which I would welcome. As of September 12th the rumors are true and a new Frozen attraction is coming!  I am not sure if it was the trolls that scared me as a child or just the overall dark atmosphere of the ride, but I remember crying getting into the boat one year.  I have not been on this ride for at least four years and I intend to keep it that way unless it is changed.

1. Stitch’s Great Escape in Magic Kingdom-I have only been on it once with my cousin but I thought it was a waste of my time.  The whole experience from being locked in like you are going on a high speed roller coaster to the smells and noises just was not fun.  I am too young to remember Alien Invasion but I heard that Stitch’s predecessor was a little more enjoyable.



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