Top 7 Favorite WDW Attractions

Last week I posted my top 7 least favorite so on a more positive note, here are my top 7 favorite!

photo fw17. Spaceship Earth in Epcot-As a child, I always thought it was neat to go inside the big ball and it still is.  The ride has been updated since I was little and there is one part which I distinctly remember.  Towards the end of the ride where the future was represented, there was someone sitting at a desk talking to another person through their computer and they each were able to see each other’s faces.  I thought that if we could ever do this it would be so cool.  Years later, I am using Skype and Google chats on a regular basis and still remembering the childhood feeling of awe as I saw what could be a possibility in the future and then it happened.

6. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith in Hollywood Studios-The BEST roller coaster in Walt Disney World in my opinion.  The beginning of the ride when you get up to 60 mph in a few seconds is amazing.  Having music blaring during the ride is so much fun too and it is even better when I recognize the song and can sing along.

5. Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor in Magic Kingdom-An attraction which is funny and different each time.  Certain members of the audience get picked on during each show and the jokes change.  I could easily sit through the Laugh Floor a few times in a row. The Laugh Floor never has a long wait either because many can fit in the theater which is a plus.
Tower4. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios-Definitely one of the scarier rides in Disney due to the theming and cast members but that is also what makes it one of the best rides.  The ride sequence of drops is never the same and the pre show is cool, especially when everyone in the room speaks the lines along with the TV.  Little connections to the Twilight Zone TV episodes are found in the pre show library as well which is neat.

3. Splash Mountain in Magic Kingdom- A fun ride during the day but even better at night when Wishes is going on.  No one is ever in Frontierland during the fireworks so I usually never have to wait to get on Splash Mountain and it is fun seeing the fireworks from the other side of the castle as you go through the ride.  It is really quiet in Frontierland during Wishes and calmer than the entire park usually is.  Also a great ride during late August when it is very hot out!

2. The American Adventure in Epcot- An awesome show about America’s history with some inspiring music and animatronics.  This show is a must do attraction for those from the United States and for those visiting from other countries.  I might skip the hot dogs and American food in the American pavilion but I never skip this show!

1. The Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom-I LOVE the jokes and all of the funny moments on this ride.  I have come to appreciate the ride so much more as I have gotten older and actually understand all of the jokes now compared to when I was younger.  I definitely try to ride the Jungle Cruise each trip.

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