Where to…have the best ice cream in WDW

I am going to try to start a Where to… series each Wednesday to discuss the best locations or best places for certain things.  While in Florida, ice cream can be an important source of nourishment, especially when it gets hot in the afternoon.  For years, I enjoyed eating ice cream at one place but my aunt showed me another ice cream place which I thought was even better than the traditional place my family goes to!

Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club is the new ice cream place I tried on my last trip in March.  It was crowded when we arrived at 8:30 but they were able to sit us after about a twenty minute wait.  My mint chocolate chip ice cream was amazing here but it was a huge portion and I could not finish it.  I would love to come here for a meal of ice cream one time.  They have something called the Kitchen Sink here which is a huge ice cream sundae with multiple flavors and many toppings.  I am definitely going to try this next time.  We walked to Beaches and Cream from Epcot and it was very easy to get to.  It was probably a 20-25 minute walk depending on how fast you walk.

Ghirardelli’s in Downtown Disney is the runner up for the best ice cream place in Walt Disney World.  I used to go here every trip with my family and get the Mint Bliss Sundae but this place is always packed and last time we struggled to find seating.  I think Ghirardelli’s is a little more expensive as well.  My Mint Bliss Sundae was good here, but the Beaches and Cream sundae was better.  If you are in Downtown Disney though, Ghirardelli’s is the place to go for ice cream in that area.

Beaches and Cream has hamburgers, soup, fries, and other quick service type foods but Ghirardelli’s only has ice cream and chocolate goodies.  And of course, every park carries Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars which are a favorite of mine for a quick snack.  Which place you go to might depend on where you are and what type of food/ice cream you are in the mood for but try checking both Beaches and Cream and Ghirardelli’s out on your next trip if you have a sweet tooth!IMG_0751

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