Where to…take great Christmas card photos

Trying to get a good Christmas card photo is challenging and doing so in Walt Disney World is especially challenging.  You and your family are essentially competing against every other guest in the park or resort for the perfect picture.  A picture in front of Cinderella’s Castle is classic but unless you are there for the breakfast early in the morning, I can guarantee that you will have other guests in the background of your photo.  If you don’t mind having random people in the background because you love the Castle, then go for it!  But I have a few suggestions for nice backgrounds where you can take a photo with less people in it AND add your own Disney touches to the photo.



Off of Main Street USA: So the photo above was obviously not the version we sent out to family and friends wishing them a Merry Christmas, but I thought it was a fun photo.  The side streets off of Main Street USA are usually not crowded and especially not crowded in the morning when the park first opens.  During the afternoon, guests are tired and rest on the seats while having a snack from the bakery but right when the park opens, everyone is running to their favorite ride.  We went to one of the side streets first thing when we arrived at Magic Kingdom.  The extremely decorated stores or even this pretty window behind my sister and I provide a nice background.  The final version of this picture has my sister and I peeking out from the balloons with our Mickey Ears on.  The background does not scream Disney but from our hats and balloons, anyone can tell we were in WDW and having a great time.


At Resorts: This might be a given but resorts are generally much less crowded than the parks but have Christmas decorations up as early as the third week in November.  We took some photos at the Boardwalk Resort because we thought the decorations there were especially well done.  Each resort has a different theme and therefore different decorations.  If you wanted a really impressive Christmas card you could go to a bunch of the resorts and take photos in front of decorations at each of them.  Photos at resorts don’t scream Disney which you might want or not want.  You could all wear Disney t-shirts or Disney hats to show your love of Mickey.  The veranda outside of Narcoossee’s at the Grand Floridian takes great photos with the Contemporary Resort and even the Castle in the background if you walk far enough around the restaurant.IMG_0895

At the Osborne Family Spectacle of  Dancing Lights:  I posted last week about how this is a must see annual tradition in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  We arrived at the spectacle towards the middle of the night so it was crowded.  However, if you are one of the last to leave the park or stay during Extra Magic Hours, I would think this area of the park would be less crowded and then you could take a good holiday or Christmas photo.  I like this photo of my sister and I however it definitely would have been better if there were less strangers around us!


Please comment below if there is a certain spot where you like to take “Christmas card” photos in WDW!

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