Character Autograph Guide


The first item my sister and I used to look for when we arrived at WDW was an autograph book.  Then we quickly found matching pens to go along with the book.  I may have many autograph books but different memories are associated with each book.  I remember the trip where we saw Alice 5 times vividly and the trip where we met Gaston for the first time.  I eventually hope to make a poster with a few of the autograph pages to hang in my room.

Autograph books and pens should be the first items you buy when visiting WDW with kids or even without kids.  If you want an autographed item that you can wear, then I would recommend bringing pre shrunk t-shirts from A.C. Moore, a piece of cardboard, and fabric pens down to Disney World.  My sister and I had characters autograph shirts for us by putting a piece of cardboard in the shirt and giving the characters a fabric pen.  I loved wearing my shirt, but then I grew out of it.  This might be a good idea to do with a shirt size too big!


If more than one person is going up to a character in your family, then just bring one pen with the autograph books or shirts.  My sister and I liked to each have our own pen when we were little but more often than not, the characters, especially Winnie the Pooh, Pluto, and Goofy, would keep the one pen to sign both books.  Have an extra pen on hand though because I found that Disney autograph pens often run out of ink quickly or don’t work extra well.  When going up to a character, have the autograph book ready to go on an open page.  If you are having a Princess sign it, then one page is sufficient, but Winnie the Pooh and Minnie Mouse and a few other characters prefer having both pages of the autograph book empty so they can sign it better.

Buzz Lightyear, Duffy, and a few other characters enjoy stamping autograph books.  The stamping works great in the books, but does not show up as well on t-shirts.  Each country in Epcot also has their own stamp which they can stamp in an autograph book instead of stamping on a Perry the Platypus colored fan.

The most important thing to do while getting characters’ autographs is to have fun, talk with them, and take lots of pictures!  The posed pictures are good but in action photos or video are even better.  We have a video of my sister sitting down with Chip in Toontown back when the characters were in the huge tent.  She was fine sitting down with him but then he stood up and my dad captured the look of terror on her face as he got bigger.  She ran away from him and I think Chip felt bad for scaring her!



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