Where to…avoid crowds (during parades and fireworks)

Midway through the afternoon, you might think about heading over to the Polynesian for your dinner reservation at Kona Cafe.  But you decide to quickly fit in a ride on Space Mountain because your Fastpass time has just begun and then you will run to the monorail to make it to the reservation on time.  The one thing you forgot to think about was the crowds on Main Street in Magic Kingdom for the parade! This same situation could also happen during the fireworks.


Magic Kingdom is the only park where parades and fireworks really cause a traffic block.  Unfortunately, the traffic block cuts off the entire pathway into and out of the park.  During the afternoon parade, which is the Festival of Fantasy parade, the rest of the park is still very crowded.  But during the Magic Kingdom Electrical parade at night and during fireworks, Magic Kingdom is much less crowded other than on Main Street and in the central Hub area.

No matter what time of day it is if you need to get down Main Street, walk through the shops on the sides of Main Street.  Most of these shops are connected to one another and provide for a much faster way to get up and down Main Street.  

Frontierland is an interesting land.  During the fireworks show, Wishes, Frontierland is usually not crowded.  Riding Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at night when Wishes is going on is amazing!  The rides provide a great view of the fireworks and you can usually ride one of the rides twice during the show.  While the Electrical Parade is going on though, it is very difficult to get to Frontierland.  The easiest way to get there is probably through Tomorrowland and Fantasyland.  Frontierland also is a little more crowded during the Electrical Parade because it usually has two show times.  And the parade ends in Frontierland which causes many people to rush towards the closest attractions.

If you don’t like crowds, then leave the park either right before or right after the fireworks OR leave during the fireworks through the shops on Main Street.  During the fireworks, you could relax in any of the other lands and attractions in Magic Kingdom and avoid the main rush of people around Main Street.

Also, Happy Anniversary to my parents today!  They got engaged and honeymooned in Walt Disney World years ago.



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2 responses to “Where to…avoid crowds (during parades and fireworks)

  1. I love riding the railroad during this time! I’m sad it is being refurbished during my next visit!

    • Yes, I am always disappointed when I find out a favorite ride is closed during my trip. I read on your blog that you will be going down for the Tower of Terror weekend. I had a blast running the 10 Miler last year with my dad and sister. I would have liked to return this year, but college classes got in the way. I hope you have a fantastic time and I will look forward to reading your recap!

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