Fun Fact Friday #8

Disney Fun Fact: You can see the vegetables and salad that you might eat for dinner later on at the Garden Grill restaurant by riding the Living with the Land boat ride.  Many people bypass the Living with the Land ride (evident through the non existent line to get on the ride) but it is a nice, calm ride which points out how we can live sustainably with the Earth.  The ride also goes through a greenhouse where Mickey shaped trees and pumpkins are grown as well as vegetables which are eaten at the Garden Grill restaurant.  The Garden Grill restaurant is only open for a character dinner and the restaurant does rotate as you eat.    Plant

My Fun Fact:  Last year I took AP Environmental Science in high school.  On the first day of class our teacher had asked us to introduce ourselves and talk about something we did over the summer relating to the environment.  Most people said they went hiking or fishing or went on an excursion to a national park.   The only thing I had done related to the environment that summer was go on this ride so I said I went on the Living with the Land ride at WDW and explained the ride a little bit.  From the first day, my classmates knew I liked Disney!


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2 responses to “Fun Fact Friday #8

  1. I ALWAYS go on the land ride because like you said, never a line..haha. I have yet to eat at the Garden grill though I hope to soon!

    • I don’t remember the last time I ate at the Garden Grill so I think a return visit is needed soon! Love your blog by the way! I just read your great WDW Marathon recap. I hope to run the WDW Marathon in a few years and I think volunteering, like you did for the half, would be really fun for one of the races also.

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