Another Attraction Leaving: Studio Backlot Tour

First it was announced that Maelstrom was closing and now the Studio Backlot Tour in Hollywood Studios is closing at the end of the month. I really enjoyed going on the Studio Backlot Tour and especially liked the costumes at the end of the tour. It was cool seeing Catastrophe Canyon and learning some facts about the behind the scenes of Lights, Motors, and Actions. I am sad to see this attraction go. I have heard this ride used to be a lot different years ago but I was too young to remember.  I am interested in seeing what they decide to do with this space and what they do with the airplane Walt used to scout out the Florida property.

Some of the rumors have included a Cars Land area similar to the one in Disneyland, a new Star Wars area, and other things.  I hope Disney makes an official announcement soon with the plans for this area.  I was really sad when Who Wants to be a Millionaire closed and nothing really moved into that space.  In any case, Disney seems to have made a lot of expansion announcements in the past few years with New Fantasyland, Disney Springs aka Downtown Disney and Avatar in Animal Kingdom but recently Disney has made two closing announcements in the past month.  But Walt wanted things to change and Disney has certainly kept up with different changes around the parks through the years.  IMG_0841.JPG

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