The Worst Rides I’ve Gotten Stuck On


We have all been in the situation where the ride vehicle stops moving or where you start to sense something is not right because you have just started to move very slowly.  Usually, Disney has things up and running within a few minutes and you don’t have to panic about missing your dining reservation in fifteen minutes.  I have been stuck on Peter Pan’s Flight, Journey into Imagination with Figment, Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, the WEDway People Mover, the Carousel of Progress, Splash Mountain, the Mexico Boat Ride, Haunted Mansion, and probably a few others in the last five years.  I included the Mexico Boat Ride photo because it was the last ride I got stuck on so I took a picture while waiting for the boat to speed up because it certainly was not a party having to wait!

Splash Mountain

My mom and two aunts got stuck on this on one of their first trips to Walt Disney World.  They got stuck at the worst point which is right before the big drop.  My mom recalls that some people started to get out of the boat but they remained seated as all good WDW guests should.  The safety bars on Splash Mountain were only installed in 2010 I believe so therefore there was nothing preventing those guests from exiting the log.  I have only been stuck on this ride when the boats have been backed up before the drop more than usual late at night and it took me ten minutes to get to a point which should have taken two.

Journey into Imagination with Figment

Definitely one of the worst rides to get stuck on.  Yes, the small world song is bad, but the imagination song can be worse at times and there is not much to do while waiting.  On It’s a small world, you can closely look at the dolls and scenery, but Journey into Imagination is not overly detailed.  Also, I can’t imagine getting stuck in the skunk spraying smell room.  I would hope that this effect might be turned off if guests were stuck there for more than one spray, but honestly I do not know.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Many people would disagree with me on this one but I did not like when my flying ship stopped moving on Peter Pan’s Flight.  I do not like rides that have the track on the top and Peter Pan is the only ride in WDW which has this.  And when you stop and start on this ride, there is a little jerk because you can’t always have smooth sailing with an overhead track.


As a final note, the WEDway People Mover is one of the best rides to get stuck on because all you can do is sit there and relax.  Some parts of the track are better to get stuck on compared to others.  I would not want to be stuck in the dark of Space Mountain necessarily but it would be cool for the first few minutes.  I got a free Fastpass for any ride after my family and I were evacuated off of the People Mover which was an interesting experience.

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