Birthdays in Walt Disney World

Since today is two of my best friends’ birthdays I thought I would do a post on how to celebrate birthdays in Walt Disney World!  I have been in Walt Disney World for my grandma’s birthday many times, my sister’s birthday once, and close to my birthday once.  When we were there in 2009, my grandma and our entire family got FastPasses for any park, any rides for one day (up to a certain number of rides).  That was amazing but unfortunately has been discontinued.  Here are some tips for having the best celebration while in Walt Disney World! 556533_460957947293158_559295860_n

1. When you enter Magic Kingdom, or any of the parks go directly to Guest Services and get a celebration pin.  The birthday girl or guy can get a specific one for their birthday and the rest of the party can get a celebration pin letting cast members know they are celebrating a friend’s birthday.  I was very disappointed when I went to Disneyland Paris that they did not have these pins.  If you are wearing the pin, cast members and even other guests will wish you Happy Birthday for the entire day.  Some people wear their birthday pin for their entire vacation so that it can be an extended birthday celebration!

2. It is not a birthday without dessert.  If you don’t mind not having your name on a cake, then you can just order the cake when you check in to a restaurant with your Advanced Dining Reservation or enter a restaurant.  Above is a picture of the cake I had in 2013 for my birthday celebration at Olivia’s at Old Key West.  It was great!  If you would like the cake to be personalized, you need to order it ahead of time by calling the Disney Dining Reservation phone number or by ordering it online.  You can let the rest of your party be seated and then go back to the desk to let them know someone is celebrating a birthday so that it is a surprise when the cake appears at the end of the meal.  Many of the restaurants give out a complementary dessert to the birthday girl or guy if you let them know you are celebrating it during the trip.  My grandma usually gets a cupcake at Liberty Tree  Tavern because of her birthday.

3. Try to do something unexpected for the birthday girl or guy.  For my sister’s birthday we packed pink decorations for the room (from the party store) in our luggage and decorated the room before she woke up.  Most of the stores at Walt Disney World also have Birthday pins.  You could also take a picture with a character the day before with a sign that says “Happy Birthday _____!”

4. Make an advanced dining reservation weeks ahead.  You don’t want to be scrambling to find a place to eat for the birthday meal.  See if you can pick a place the birthday girl or guy will really enjoy or a favorite of theirs.  The restaurants will sing Happy Birthday if you would like them to with your party.  We were at Beaches & Cream on my sister’s birthday and they did the flashing lights routine that they do when a Kitchen Sundae comes out, which was awesome.

I hope these tips will help you plan a great birthday celebration trip!


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