Fun Fact Friday #11


Disney Fact: Pocahontas used to have a show in Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World with live animals as some of the actors in the show.  A tree turned with the face of Grandmother Willow and different animals scampered across the stage during the show.  The show was around 20 minutes long but Pocahontas sang songs from the movie as well.

My Fun Fact: My sister and I participated in this show when we were very young by playing instruments at the beginning of the show in front of the stage to help start the show.  I think we still have the participation certificates somewhere from it too!  I remember waiting in line fairly early before the show time and one of the cast members asking if we wanted to help with the show and of course we did.

This is also a bit of a Flashback Friday post since the photo is from 2006 I think!


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2 responses to “Fun Fact Friday #11

  1. Oh so adorable! Should framing the certificates, always fun to look back such memories 🙂

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