Back when Mickey and Minnie Ruled the World

I am participating in run. geek. run(disney) and Adventures by Katie’s Mickey Monday linkup again this week.  Please visit their blogs to read other Disney focused blog articles!

Adventures by Katie:

In my childhood years, Mickey and Minnie ruled Walt Disney World.

Mickey and Minnie had the longest lines.  If you wanted to get an autograph or a photo, you expected to wait at least an hour.  You might have waited outdoors in the sun in Epcot for Mickey or Minnie when they got off of their Double Decker bus.  100_0772_1Or you might have waited in the nice air conditioning of the Sorcerer Mickey set up in Hollywood Studios.100_1712_00  Or you might have gone to a Magical Gathering with your entire extended family (future post coming on this) and had little barely any wait!

100_0781All of these lines are now gone though, along with Toontown.  Mickey and Minnie used to have their own houses in Toontown with pumpkins shaped like their heads at Halloween time!  (Please ignore my weird face)100_0796Pal Mickey came out and he was the hottest new, must have Disney item.  A talking Mickey plush that synced to rides and attractions when you visited the parks?!  That was amazing technology!  Keep in mind this was before smartphones and apps were around so asking Pal Mickey for parade times was pretty neat for a 90’s kid.  And yet, he hasn’t been sold for years and the program was just discontinued for his software.  Pal Mickey is in the picture below.


As Elsa and Anna try to take over the World and as children these days grow up with the princesses as the “must see” characters during their trip, make sure you help keep Mickey and Minnie in their minds.  I thought Frozen was a great movie but I do miss seeing Mickey and Minnie around Walt Disney World like they were when I was younger.  The one thing that has stayed Mickey and will always stay (I hope!) is the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar!  Elsa and Anna cannot compete with this favorite WDW snack!100_0775


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2 responses to “Back when Mickey and Minnie Ruled the World

  1. John @ run. geek. run(disney)

    Great post. I love when he does get some special attention, but nothing touching the level of Frozen right now. When we first (and only time so far) met the talking Mickey in Town Square Theater, that is hard to beat for magic.

    I never knew about the Pal Mickey, but that seems like a fantastic idea. I wish they would do that now. Heck, they probably could because they could redo it with better tech now. I’d like to see it as a physical item, like a stuffed Mickey. Makes me think a little of the hologram guide idea that is used in the Kingdom Keeper books. Honestly, that seems like a golden idea to re-release.

    Cannot go wrong with the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar.

    • Yes, meeting talking Mickey was awesome!

      I think Pal Mickey was really popular around 2004-2006 because I think that is when the photo of my sister and I with him is from. Pal Mickey was amazing! I probably should have clarified it in the article but he was a stuffed, plush Mickey that was a little heavier due to the technology inside of him to work. My sister held him while I went on Splash Mountain and they got sprayed on the bridge and she thought it was so cool because he kept saying that he was getting soaked. He synced up based on where you were in any of the parks and could give you lots of information.

      I love reading the Kingdom Keepers books over and over again and the Hologram idea would be very neat.

      For now, we will have to be satisfied with the Magic Bands and wait to see what Disney creates next!

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