Meeting Gaston!


When my sister and I were younger, our trips were heavily focused on meeting characters, getting photos with characters, and getting autographs from characters.  Anyone in my family can attest to this as they waited on many, many character lines for us and my sister and I are so thankful for that.  We have lots of awesome photos, videos, and filled autograph books from the trips.  But, I am not sure we even knew that half of the big rides existed at Walt Disney World until we were past the “character stage” and wanted to try roller coasters.  Well in 2009, a new character moved into Walt Disney World named Gaston.  I had not waited in line for a character in years but my sister and I wanted to meet Gaston.  So we waited in line and I started to get a little nervous.  He was really talking to the guests in front of us!  What would I say?  I was not five anymore and couldn’t just ask for an autograph and photo and leave!

The line was much shorter than I had thought and it was our turn!  My sister did not say much (thanks sis) but we said we were happy to see him.  He asked us who liked him more and we both say we didn’t know.  Then he asked what we liked best about him so I responded that I really liked his large arm muscles which led to some giggling from my sister and I.  It was definitely one of the funniest conversations I have had with a character (that I can remember) and I am excited to go back and see Gaston again sometime soon!

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