Where to…take a nap (or not take one)

In the Parks:
Believe it or not, I have seen people napping in the parks on benches.  Yes, I know you are tired but unless you are a child in a stroller, it is not acceptable to nap in the parks (unless maybe you are there for a 24 hour event).  If you suddenly are SO tired that you need a power nap, go into an attraction where it is very dark and you can nap without being noticed.  My suggestions include the Hall of Presidents and the Carousel of Progress in Magic Kingdom, the American Adventure in Epcot(even though I love this show, I have noticed people nod off), Muppet 3D in Hollywood Studios, and It’s Tough to be a Bug in Animal Kingdom.  Now, if you are not completely exhausted, you will not be able to fall asleep during Muppet 3D or It’s Tough to be a Bug because of the loud noises.  But, Epcot and Magic Kingdom have the most options for naps because they are the most tiring parks.  PLEASE do not sleep just anywhere unless you are in a stroller! 


Outside of the Parks:
I fall asleep really easily and so I usually take a nap on the bus to the parks or back from the parks if it was a long day.  I would not advise doing this unless you have a trustworthy friend to wake you up when it is your stop to get off.  Do not fall asleep so you are leaning on a stranger’s shoulder either-they will not appreciate it.  Yes, it’s a small world, but not that small.  If you are at your resort, taking a nap in the room or by the pool is perfectly acceptable.  Napping in the main lobby though is not advised.  Everyone will see you when they walk in the door first thing to their Disney vacation.  They will be exhausted before their trip has even begun!  For the sake of others, please take the elevator up to your room or walk to the poolside to take a nap!

Or just sleep a lot the week before your vacation and then the week after and spend as many hours as possibly during your vacation in the parks with little sleep!

And it is my Mom’s birthday today so Happy Birthday Mom!

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