Top 5 Things on Disney Cruises

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I have been one two Disney cruises so far.  Both of them were on the Magic ship and sailed to Castaway Cay and the Bahamas for four days.  I went on one cruise when I was around 8 years old and the other when I was 14 years old.  I enjoyed both cruises very much and did very different things both on and off the ship both times.  For example, when I was 8, I had all of my hair braided which took about two hours on Castaway Cay.  But when I was 14, I decided to opt for a jet ski ride instead.DSC03231

I will definitely have future posts on the Disney Cruise Line but for now here are my Top 5 Things about Disney Cruises.

1. The daily calendar-Every day of your cruise, the housekeeping cast members will put a schedule of what is going on the next day in your room.  This schedule lets you know the weather, on board activities, show times, and more.  It is amazing how much goes on each day on the cruise ships whether you are on the ship or if you are on an island.  We used the daily calendar to go play bingo a few nights and to also attend a special DVC member event.

2. The characters-On the more recent cruise we took, my sister and I got out photo taken with none other than Captain Jack Sparrow.  Unlike, Mickey and Donald and most of the other characters on the cruise, Captain Jack Sparrow does not have a Meet and Greet opportunity at Walt Disney World.  So, when my sister and I saw him on the cruise, we just HAD to meet him.  Plus it was also fitting that we were on a ship.  The line was not even that long for him!   DSC03260

3. Castaway Cay- It is REALLY cool that Disney has their own island to sail to.  The Disney characters are usually on the island and it is nice to relax on the beaches with less people found in the Bahamas for example.  Disney has different beaches for different age groups, as well as different activities on the island.  Note that the merchandise sold on Castaway Cay cannot be found anywhere else so if you see something you like, make sure to get it.

4. The sail away party-Our first night this last cruise, there was a huge sail away party which was Pirate themed.  We wore our best Pirate outfits and danced along to the music.  At the end of the party, they even had fireworks shoot off from the ship.  At this time, Disney had said that they were the only cruise line allowed to shoot fireworks off from cruise ships, but that might have changed since then.

5. The Disney service-You know when you step on board that you will be taken care of.  The restaurants are Disney level as well as the shows on board.  Sometimes we don’t even notice the little things that Disney does which make a huge difference in our experience because we have gotten used to them.  The towel animals or towels shaped like Mickey’s are great and we can’t overlook those small details.


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4 responses to “Top 5 Things on Disney Cruises

  1. John @ run. geek. run(disney)

    Great post. The Disney cruises look like so much fun. Cruises in general seem like they have a lot to offer, but add the Disney service to it, and you can’t go wrong. I love that they give you a list of everything going on daily. That’s a great little touch.

  2. This is definitely on my bucket list! It’s so sad that I live in Florida and have never taken a cruise! And why cruise if you don’t cruise on DCL, right? Thanks for a great post!

    • I definitely recommend taking a Disney Cruise! I have not been on any other cruises to compare the DCL to but Disney always knows what they are doing and they do it well. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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