Fun Fact Friday #12


Happy Halloween!

Disney Fun Fact: You have probably seen young girls dressed up as Princesses in WDW.  I don’t know how they survive the hot Florida heat in the summer with the huge dresses on.  But you rarely ever see anyone over the age of 9 dressed like a Princess.  Adults are NOT allowed to dress up as characters in the parks because someone might mistake them for the real characters.  There is one exception to this rule and that is if you go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, children and adults are allowed to dress up as whoever they would like (provided they don’t wear a mask and other details).

My Fun Fact: My favorite princess when I was younger was Belle and I even dressed up like her for Halloween one year.


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2 responses to “Fun Fact Friday #12

  1. We’ve just been to the Mickey Hallowe’en party last week – the costumes were amazing!

    • My first and only time going was last year and I was so impressed by how many people dressed up and how extensive the costumes were. Hope you had a great time at it! I can’t wait to go to Mickey’s Halloween Party again. 🙂

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