In Between Disney Trips

Although I would like to be in Disney every day, it is not realistic.  So between the Disney trips I make sure that Disney is part of my daily life.  Here are the ways that I manage to do this:

Blog Posts: This is probably the most obvious one but it is fun for me to write planning posts or trip reports when I am at college, because it is the closest I can get to Walt Disney World.

Disney Music: While doing homework or running, I listen to Disney music.  This includes music from the park soundtracks, from classic Disney movies, and even covers of Disney songs.

Classic Disney Movies: When I have the time, I watch classic Disney movies which I have not seen in a while to refresh myself on the plot and lines.  I have not seen some classic movies so I try to watch those also.  Last month, I watched and really enjoyed “Flubber.”  I need to watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas” soon because I have never seen it and Christmas is coming!

Following Disney Facebook pages: I get to see updates everyday from what is happening in the park or at D23 Conferences by following all of the Disney Facebook pages.  There are a lot out there!

Disney Household Items: We sometimes make Mickey waffles at home or use Mickey Mouse glasses.  We have lots of Disney ornaments and even a Christmas character throw for the couch during the holiday season.

I am heading home this week for Thanksgiving which means I will be able to add more pictures to posts from previous trips when I was younger!

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