Great Movie Ride Changes?


Last week I heard through a Facebook post about the possibility of the Great Movie Ride changing.  According to this NY Times article ( ) Disney will make an official announcement on Wednesday about their new partnership with Turner Classic Movies.  From this article, it seems the major changes will be in the line and at the beginning and end of the ride.  I really hope that not too many other things are changed in the ride.  This week for the blog I will focus on the Great Movie Ride by posting some photos of my favorite scenes and also describing my personal experience with the ride.  When I was younger this used to be one of my least favorite rides, but it has turned into one of my favorites.  Read the blog posts everyday this week to find out how that transition happened!

I am participating again in the Mickey Monday linkup.  Visit these blogs to read other Disney inspired posts!


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2 responses to “Great Movie Ride Changes?

  1. John @ run. geek. run(disney)

    I actually enjoy the ride a lot too, but I’m happy to see the partnership. I feel the ride could use some updating and enhancement. The key being “enhancement”. I just feel like they can make what they have better, and since the C in TCM is “Classic” I think they will help preserve it, not just replace it with scenes from Frozen, Toy Story and High School Musical.

    • Yes, some of the technology and some of the movies are a little outdated. I love High School Musical, but I agree that the Great Movie Ride is not where it belongs! Hopefully Disney announces more information in the coming weeks!

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