The Wizard of Oz

First of all it is my 100th post!  Yay!  Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and subscribes to it.

When I was really young, I supposedly wanted to keep going on the Great Movie Ride over and over just to see the one scene at the end where Dorothy looks back at the riders with the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man at her side.  I can understand this but it is a long ride just to see Dorothy for 10 seconds.

DSC00241 Before the Dorothy scene is the scene in Munchkinland with the munchkins and the Wicked Witch.  The munchkins and the riders sing a long to “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” as they move along the track.  This is the more uplifting part of this scene.  It is very cheerful and upbeat.  Munchkinland is also very well constructed.  The scenery is beautiful and very detailed here.      DSC00234The Wicked Witch makes a very frightening appearance out of smoke where she points her finger right at the riders.  This part could definitely scare some younger children so as soon as the vehicle stops towards the end of the Yellow Brick Road, make sure to warn your young ones.  She is a great Animatronic and seems very real.  I still don’t like looking at her the whole time during her speech.    DSC00237 The adventure in Oz ends with seeing Dorothy and the other characters looking towards the riders and back to Oz.  Dorothy also has on lovely, sparkling ruby slippers which I also really liked seeing when I was younger.  I was Dorothy twice for Halloween as a child and had the ruby slippers and a Toto to go along with the costume.

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