Great Movie Ride Scary Elements

DSC00221If you have been on the Great Movie Ride before, you know that you might either get the gangster guide or the cowboy guide.  I do not want to spoil the ride experience too much for those of you who haven’t seen one of the versions or been on the ride but I have gone into some detail below.  However, I said in my first post this week that I would highlight why I used to be scared of this ride.

Three main factors have contributed to me being scared of the ride. The first one is the cast member guide.  The first guide is very nice and welcoming as they talk about the movies you pass.  However, once the guide switches to another cast member who is either the gangster or the shooting cowboy, it gets a little frightening for young kids.  The costumed guide acts as if they are holding you hostage and as if there is real danger around the corner.

The cowboy cast member plays their role very well and there is even shooting, which is the second factor that made me scared.  A car moves and “people” in the car shoot at the new cowboy guide.  Of course actual shots are not fired, but loud bangs and sometimes lights are used to simulate the real thing.  Now, I know exactly when this will occur, but I used to always cover my eyes and close my ears during this part.

The third and final scare factor on this ride for me was the Alien from the movie “Alien.”   To this day, I have not looked at the Alien that comes out of the ceiling with smoke very close to the moving vehicle guests are seated in.  I still close my eyes during this part.  Soon I hope to be able to look at it!  I also hope to watch the movie one of these days so I have the background for this part of the ride and am a little more prepared.

The Great Movie Ride experience for me has changed over the years as I have opened my eyes and ears and seen more movies that are featured in the ride.  Some of the scenes that I did not used to understand, I get now after watching the movie.  It has been nice to grow up through the ride in a way and have almost a different experience every time.  I would suggest taking children on this ride so that they can have the same “growing up” experience that I have had, however, beware that there are some dark parts!

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