Where to…Drink Free Soda Samples


In Epcot, past Spaceship Earth, off to the left, is Club Cool.  Many do not know about this club because it is tucked into a quiet location and most visitors are running off to ride Soarin’ and Test Track in the opposite direction.  My cousins first showed me Club Cool years ago.  It is a fantastic place to stop for a shot sized cup of soda, especially in the hot summer days.  And, the samples are free!

Some quick pointers to know about visiting Club Cool:

  • Club Cool has soda flavors from a variety of countries around the world.  Try the Beverly (which is from Italy) first.  You will probably find another flavor that you enjoy more, but definitely taste this one to start.
  • The floor is usually sticky from spilled soda, so be careful when you are walking around.
  • Don’t fall in love with a soda flavor because you won’t be able to purchase it from the store inside.  Yes, they sell tons of Coca-Cola merchandise, but the store does not sell any of the soda you are able to sample.  This is one of the items Disney needs to fix in Club Cool.
  • You can visit multiple times in a trip or even in a day and try a different flavor each time.  Or you can just go back for your favorite flavor.
  • The appearance of Club Cool has changed over the years.  A polar bear and lots of ice used to be on the exterior, but was replaced with a more modern look.
  • Some of the machines have slightly different varieties of the flavors so make sure to check out a few of them so you don’t miss out on any flavors!



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4 responses to “Where to…Drink Free Soda Samples

  1. I love this place! My kids do too. It is so fun to try all the different flavors. And it is air conditioned!!

    Btw, I actually like Beverly!! 😀

    • Yes, the air conditioning is a major plus! I love stopping in a few times each trip, especially when I am not thirsty enough to buy a whole drink at a stand.

      Wow! Really? Well I am sure there is never a shortage of Beverly so at least you know you won’t have to worry about that! 🙂

  2. I want an Italian gelato tasting station.

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