Monday Packing

Since I won’t be returning home from college before our Disney trip, I have to completely pack for Walt Disney World before I go back to college.  Trying to pack dresses and shorts when it is 20 degrees outside is difficult.  How do I know what I will want to wear in two months?  But five things are very easy for me to pack right now, because I always bring them on every Disney trip and don’t need them until the trip.

Disney themed shirts-My sister and I each got matching Mickey Mouse light sweaters for Christmas and we have Elsa and Anna shirts to wear.  I am also bringing my “Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas” monorail shirt and maybe a DVC shirt.  It’s impossible to go to Disney and not wear a Disney shirt!  My sister has graciously offered to carry my Mickey ears on the plane with her.  I would carry them on myself but they would be too much of a hassle with figuring everything out by myself at the airport so I was just going to leave them at home.

Sunscreen-I always wear sunscreen on my face in Florida and I don’t really need it this time of year in the Northeast so that is packed.

Swimsuit and Mickey Mouse Coverup-Swimming is a must do relaxing activity while in WDW and I am not going swimming until then so my swimsuit is all packed.  We won’t visit the Water Parks in March since it is a little too chilly for that, but the pool is still a nice option to have.

Disney packet-For each trip, I create a Disney packet with our flight information, dining reservations, park hours, and more for my family.  I printed out the Disney packets today and packed them in the suitcase so that they are waiting in the rooms for the rest of my family when they arrive.

Disney charm bracelet-Ever since I was little, I have been adding Disney charms on my charm bracelet each trip.  My aunt, mom, and sister also always bring their bracelets down to wear.  I am always tempted to wear mine on the plane because it is so Disney themed but taking it off in security would take too much time.



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