Fastpass+ Improvements

This will be the second trip for which I am booking Fastpass+ reservations before the trip. For some, it might seem a little crazy and I’m even starting to wonder about this new Fastpass system. It was a lot easier when you could just hand your park passes to one person who ran ahead and got Fastpasses for the main ride in the morning and others later on. I don’t know exactly what rides I will want to go on and when weeks in advance. And yes I could book them day of but I don’t want to be wasting time in the park on my phone trying to book Fastpasses or standing on line to have a cast member book them for me. So below are a few improvements I believe Disney could make to the new Fastpass+ system.

First, if you have an Advanced Dining Reservation booked, the online system should recognize this and not give you options for rides that would entirely overlap with your meal. If my dinner reservation is at 5:30 at the Polynesian, a Fastpass window of 5:15-6:15 for Space Mountain is not going to work for me. The system should allow you at least an hour and a half to eat and then book your next ride.

Second, when you have a group where some ride roller coasters and some don’t and some like Peter Pan while others don’t, there should be a way to coordinate the Fastpass times across the group for different attractions. For example, while my family has a Fastpass for Peter Pan, I would like to be able to book a Fastpass for Splash Mountain at the exact same time they will be soaring above London. I know this takes coordination and might be hard to do but then we should just be able to choose our own times for the rides and take away Options 1-4 like we sorta did with paper Fastpasses. We would look and see hmmm the return time is for 6:00, let’s wait a bit and come back when it’s 8 since we have a 5:30 dinner reservation.  You can modify the times after you choose one of the 4 Options they give you, but it would be easier to choose the times from the start in my opinion.

And finally, it was always fun to hand off Fastpasses we didn’t end up being able to use for whatever reason to other park goers.  It made their day and ours seeing their happiness at getting to cut the line.  But now everything is so programmed and scheduled to the Magic Bands that this is impossible.

Other than this, the rest of my trip preparation for March is going great!

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7 responses to “Fastpass+ Improvements

  1. I agree. The new Fastpass system still needs a lot of work. Enjoy your trip!

  2. I agree, I plan on writing a full review of this new system when we are back from our trip in February. I had my reservations (no pun intended haha) from the start, as I believe it takes away some of the fun and excitement and magic of it all! Next thing you know, we will all be handed full itineraries when we get there by cast members with no room for changes! An exaggeration ofcourse, but I am curious to see how much I like or dislike this new system!

    • I agree that it takes away the excitement! I love planning out my vacations, but not to this extent. I will be looking forward to reading your review and thoughts on the system when you get back. Have a Magical Trip!

  3. Elaine

    It would be so fun to have a Disney trip to look forward to in March. I’m a little jealous!

  4. I also wish you could make your extra ones (after you use your first three) on your phone instead of having to stand in line for a kiosk! And they should release some of the hard to get FP close to the day so you can switch up your plans on the last minute and still get decent FP options.

    • Yes, definitely! I waited last time for assistance with a cast member who had an tablet with the Fastpass+ info on it because we needed to make a change to our reservations. But, there was awful reception in that area so it took way too much time to change our Fastpass+ reservations! I hope they improve the system soon. Anna and Elsa are already sold out for my trip, which is crazy!

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