Where to…experience winter year round in WDW

I experienced a bit of snow today while walking outside which inspired me to post about the huge blizzard in Disney.  Walt Disney World does not usually receive much snow during the year besides the fake snow on Main Street and in Hollywood Studios during the Christmas season. Frozen spectaculars have added snow to Florida but these events do not occur all of the time. The only place to experience snow and ice year round on WDW property is at Blizzard Beach, one of Disney’s two water parks.

Blizzard Beach is open most of the year, except for when the temperature gets too low or severe thunderstorms are predicted.  Blizzard Beach closes for refurbishment during the winter season (ironically) because most would rather spend their days at the theme parks than on water slides in 60 degree weather.  I have not visited Blizzard Beach in a few trips, due to the colder weather, but hope to make it back soon!

At the entrance of the park, the snowman family provides a great backdrop for photos with children.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the photo on my computer, but my sister and I have an awesome photo pretending to be cold next to the snowmen.  In Tike’s Peak, children can cross a pool while balancing on glaciers and trying not to fall in.  Different slides and areas are meant for different age groups or adventure seekers.  The Family Raft Ride is one of my personal favorites, but beware the climb to the top includes over 100 steps!  These steps can get a bit warm during the height of the summer.  Blizzard Beach has toboggan racers, tube slides, non tube slides, and the huge Summit Plummit which will also measure your speed as you fly down it.

In my opinion, Blizzard Beach is the superior water park in terms of rides and also activities for children.  Blizzard Beach does not have a wave pool as Typhoon Lagoon does, but I almost always visit Blizzard Beach over Typhoon Lagoon.

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