Orlando International Airport (MCO) Tips

Orlando International Airport is the main airport guests fly into before heading to Walt Disney World.  This is the airport that Disney’s Magical Express has service to and from as well.  A few tips for when you next visit the airport:

  • If you see Disney apparel that is NOT in the official Disney store, it will be less expensive than anything you will find on property.  So if you really want a Mickey shirt, buy it at the generic airport before the trip starts so that you can save some money and wear it during the trip!  Note that the official Disney store in the airport will have the same prices as on property.
  • Don’t use the crowded bathrooms as soon as you get off the plane that are in the terminals.  The bathrooms by the luggage carousels are usually less crowded, and the ones near the car rentals on the first floor are never crowded.  Most people are trying to run out as soon as they get their luggage.
  • Pay attention to the terminal signs.  When flying back home and leaving MCO, you do not want to take the wrong tram to the wrong terminals.
  • Stores for other Orlando activities such as SeaWorld, Universal and even the Kennedy Space Center can be found in the airport.  If you are not planning on visiting anything but WDW, it can be nice to stop in the stores just to see what other theme parks/tourist centers have.  They do not always have info brochures, which I think they should definitely always have.
  • Krispy Kreme, as well as other eateries, are found before security so if you fancy a donut before the flight, stop by Krispy Kreme!
  • Buy gum if it is a necessity for you.  WDW does not sell gum anywhere so unless you are going to take time out of your vacation to drive off property for gum, purchase it at MCO.

Please visit http://www.rungeekrundisney.com/2015/02/the-dapper-dans-magical-mickey.html and http://www.adventuresbykatie.com/duffybear/  to read more Disney blog posts on the Magical Monday linkup!

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  1. John @ run. geek. run(disney)

    Great tips. An important part of traveling if you’re flying in.

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