What to avoid wearing at the parks

As I have started packing for my trip, I realize there are a few key items I NEVER wear/bring to the parks.

New Shoes-My sister made this mistake a few trips ago when she wore new shoes to Magic Kingdom because they went well with her outfit.  I knew it was a bad decision from the time we left the resort.  I had to run ahead to Tomorrowland where the store was just opening for the day and buy her flip flops. My parents brought her more supportive shoes when they came to the park in the next few hours.

Flimsy Flip Flops-Many people have flip flops that they are used to wearing or that are supportive which is fine as long as you have walked around in them for HOURS before.  Do not wear flimsy flip flops especially because your feet will hurt and serious blisters are not fun on vacation when you can’t go swimming.

My favorite shirt-If I wore my favorite shirt to the park, something would end up happening.  I have had way too many Mickey Ice Cream Pop parts fall on me.  I have also had a bird drop an unpleasant present on me in Magic Kingdom which was not very fun.  You never know what you might drop, what someone or something else might drop, and if you really do not want to ruin it, then don’t wear it to the parks.

Too much white-Again, a Mickey pop can easily fall.  But, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and Rock’n’Roller Coaster all use a type of lighting which highlights any articles of white you are wearing and makes them glow.

A huge bag-If you have kids who need diapers, changes of clothes, and snacks, then you can’t avoid bringing a bag with everything to the parks.  But, if you only need the essentials of a Magic Band and cell phone, try to go bag less.  You will save at least five minutes, and up to fifteen minutes by not having to go through bag check at the beginning of the parks.  Even if I bring a small bag, it is heavy by the end of a day walking around the parks so try to minimize what you bring.  It can also be challenging to store larger bags on rides, especially the roller coasters.  Rock’n’Roller Coaster for example, has no place to store a bag much bigger than a small purse.

 Some of these items, especially the shoes, seem like no-brainers.   If you saw the Modern Family Disneyland episode, you might have seen how Gloria’s shoe choice for the park was an interesting one!  



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2 responses to “What to avoid wearing at the parks

  1. Great list! I did a trip with new shoes and it was absolutely horrible. Another suggestion, and this is just my opinion, but I leave the makeup bag behind! I’m not there to impress and usually by noon any makeup I applied earlier is gone. Is it worth carrying that bag around? 🙂

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