Flower and Garden Festival Tips

This year’s Flower and Garden Festival runs from March 4th to May 17th in Epcot.  I went to the Festival last year and will be heading back this year.  Here are my five tips for visiting the Flower and Garden Festival.

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1. When you enter Epcot, head to the Festival Center.  The Festival Center is in the old Wonders of Life pavilion and is where you should pick up your passport if you are planning at eating at the Outdoor Kitchens.  You can also find merchandise here that is more spread out than in the other pop up stores around the World Showcase and is usually less crowded.

2. Upon leaving the Festival Center, work your way around World Showcase, stopping to take photos of and with different character topiaries.   The topiaries are located throughout Epcot, but I especially like the ones in World Showcase.

3. Make sure to stop at Outdoor Kitchens to try food samples from each country.  The sample bites tend to be between four and eight dollars, although it depends.  The countries also have special alcoholic drinks at these kitchens.  When you pay for your snack, do not forget to get a stamp in your passport book so that later on you can remember what you ate and where.

4. Take the Twinings Tea Tour in England.  This tour is 20 minutes long and completely free!  All participants receive tea samples as well after the tour.  The tea tours are only offered a few times a day so you might want to send a member of your party to the Twinings building in England when World Showcase opens to quickly sign your group up.

5. Now that you have walked and ate, and walked some more probably (World Showcase is just over 1 mile!) you might need to sit down and relax.  The Garden Rocks concert series brings bands to the stage in America over the weekend.  Shows take place three times a day Friday through Sunday.  These concerts are free as well.

If you have been to Epcot many times before, then it is easier to focus more on the Festival compared to making sure you ride every ride.  We did not try to run to every ride on the day that we ate at the Outdoor Kitchens, because we wanted to spend more time on the different aspects of the Festival.  If you have not been to Epcot before, then try splitting your day in half by spending the first half with Fastpass+ reservations to the big rides and then use the late afternoon/evening to explore the highlights of the Flower and Garden Festival.photo 5


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4 responses to “Flower and Garden Festival Tips

  1. I would so love to visit the Flower and Garden festival some day. The dates never seem to work well for us.

  2. What great tips! I didn’t know about the tea tour, we’ll have to make sure to give that a try!

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