From Pin Trading to Vinylmations

Back when I was a child many years ago (but not really) I collected pins.  Pin Trading used to be HUGE at Walt Disney World. The World Of Disney had a whole wall dedicated to pins years ago in the jewelry section of the store. I was so disappointed to find the wall of pins gone. It used to be so much fun to browse all of the different pin options. I rarely participated in the actual pin trading because whatever pins I bought I liked too much to give away. When my sister and I went on a new big ride though our dad would give us a pin to remember the first time we went on it and as a reward for trying something new. I even created my own pin with mix and match pieces at a pin stand in Downtown Disney. That pin is one of my favorites.

Pin Trading does still happen and cast members still wear lanyards or have pins on a square but it is not the same as it used to be. Not as many park visitors wear lanyards anymore. Today’s pins have a color coded pricing system which has started to discourage me from buying any 9 dollar pins as they are too expensive.  For 9 dollars, I could get a few Tsum Tsums instead. I miss the old pin phenomenon. Now Vinylmations have replaced pin trading to a degree.

I have two Vinylmations. One runDisney Mickey Vinylmation which has his own race medals to go along with mine and one surprise Vinylmation which ended up being a pirate. Vinymlations are cute to display. I do not like how some collections only include surprise ones though because I want to pick out which character I want. Disney wants you to probably buy a few until you get the one you want but I do not think that is fair. With the Vinylmations there isn’t as much interaction with cast members either. Although I didn’t trade pins all that often it was still fun to see the different pins cast members had. Vinylmations are still not as widespread as pins though. Pins can be found at the end of rides and in all of the stores even now when less people buy them. A few Vinylmations are found here and there but the biggest variety are found in World of Disney and Mouse Gears in Epcot.

Now, Disney’s Tsum Tsums, which are small stuffed animals are starting to gain popularity.  I wonder if these will be the next big thing. I already bought a Winnie the Pooh one because they are very cute.

Do you miss the old pin trading craze or are you a fan of Vinylmations or Tsum Tsums?

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