Throwback Thursday to Snow White’s Scary Adventures

A few years ago, Snow White’s Scary Adventures in Magic Kingdom closed to make room for a new Princess meet and greet experience because the one in Toontown had closed. Even though I screamed every time I went on the Snow White ride, I still enjoyed it!  I always forgot the moment when the witch turned around in her other form and that was frightening.  It was sort of weird for me to go on the ride for the last time with the knowledge it would be closing soon after. I do not think that they should have closed this ride, as it never had a short wait and seemed to be popular.

Now, my younger cousins will never get to experience this ride as I did. They will not be able to scream when the witch turns around or sing with the seven dwarfs as they go off to work.  I have always wondered what Mr Toad’s Wild Ride was because I was too young when I went on to remember it. I’ve watched videos on YouTube but it is not the same as actually going on the ride.

When I was in Disneyland Paris this summer, I went on the Pinocchio dark ride there in Fantasyland and really enjoyed it. The ride had no wait! When was the last time a ride in Fantasyland had no wait?! It was awesome but I also wondered why the ride was so unpopular. I think they should bring back a ride in Fantasyland besides Peter Pan that young children can go on. The line for Peter Pan is way too long to wait for on most days, especially since the actual ride is not that long.  Disney could definitely make a Brave ride or Pocahontas ride if they want to have a Princess ride.

As Sharpay in High School Musical sings “Out with the old, In with the new.”  The Scary Adventures of Snow White might be gone forever, but I will always remember the frightening witch.



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16 responses to “Throwback Thursday to Snow White’s Scary Adventures

  1. I’m a huge fan of your blog, and in return, I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! Congratulations! You can read more about the award here:

  2. Natalie Davis

    Great post!:)Do you know there is a 7 dwarfs mine train in Magic Kingdom?

  3. Both Snow White’s Scary Adventure and Mister Toad’s Wild Ride are still at Disneyland.

    • I hope to make it to Disneyland some day and when I do I will definitely go on those two rides! I knew Mr. Toad’s was there but I did not know Snow White was. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. I miss Snow White’s Scary Adventure so much. I’ve been on both the one in Disneyland and Disneyland Paris since the WDW one closed. Each are slightly different but the WDW one will always be my favorite.

    • Yes, it is definitely the ride I miss the most but also remember the most (if that makes sense!) I miss Cranium Command but I do not remember it too well as it closed early 2000s. Hopefully I will make it to Disneyland soon and then be able to ride the version there!

      • Omg I completely forgot about Cranium Command. I remember that being near The Making of Me and Body Wars, all of which were amazing. I only got to go to Disneyland once, and I’m definitely excited to have the opportunity to go back in September to do the Disneyland Half. Hopefully you’ll be able to go soon as well 🙂

      • Haha, yes they were all in the same building!! Your blog looks great so far- Can’t wait to read more posts and to also hear about the Disneyland Half after you run it! I have the same problem you had with college and early starts so the Disneyland Half is completely out of the question for a few years.

      • Thanks so much. I sort of just like “eh, why not write about my crazy ridiculous goals”. Your blog is like amazing and everything that I love about Disney lol

  5. I loved the old Snow White ride too – such a shame it’s gone!! We rode the new Mine Train last November – really fun (huge lines) and we enjoyed it but I still hanker after the old one!

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