Fit2Run Store in Downtown Disney

Fit2Run opened a few years ago in Downtown Disney (or what is transitioning to Disney Springs currently). The store is located near Cirque du Soleil, a bit of a far walk away from the World of Disney and the rest of the more popular shops. Keep walking towards the big white tent if you are not sure of which way to go!  But for any runner, Fit2Run is a great stop.

At the store, you can pick up socks, apparel, accessories, or a new pair of running shoes.  I went to Fit2Run last March with my dad and we got fitted for new running sneakers.  We ran on a treadmill for a few minutes as a computer recorded how our feet hit the treadmill.  Two specialists helped tell us what shoes would be best for our running style and then gave us a few different shoes to try.  My dad and I each left with a pair of sneakers and socks which have turned out to be fantastic!  I think part of the reason I was injured last year during basketball season was due to running in my non supportive sneakers.  Since I switched shoes I have not been having problems with my soleus!

Fit2Run has a variety of shoe brands, styles and colors.  The store also has local running programs if you live in the area.  The store is least crowded during the day, as with many Downtown Disney stores, and most crowded at night.  The Fit2Run store is open from 10:30am-11pm Sundays through Thursdays and 10:30am-12am on Fridays and Saturdays.  They have a website and a Facebook page as well if you would like to receive updates or check out some of the merchandise!

Has anyone else visited Fit2Run?  What did you think?


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